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Photo by Brian Eugene Snipes

  • Invisible Hand Episode 4: Interview with William T. Still, Part 1

    This week’s show includes part 1 of my recent interview with author and filmmaker William T. Still, creator of two documentary films about monetary policy, The Money Masters, and most recently, The Secret of Oz. Still advocates the replacement of Federal Reserve Notes with debt-free fiat currency issued by the Treasury, like the greenbacks circulated [...]


  • The Invisible Hand Episode 3: Interview with William H. Kennedy

    This week’s show includes Tracy’s interview with author William H. Kennedy about the pedophilia scandal plaguing the Catholic church and its connection to a vast, diabolical conspiracy that has been exposed in the past by the late Father Malachi Martin , with whom Kennedy had been good friends. (Click here to download) Tracy also talks [...]


  • Is “Yes We Can” code for “Thank You Satan”?

    According to this woman, and many others on the internet, it is, because when you play it backwards, it sorta sounds like that. This phenomenon was first noticed in Obama’s New Hampshire primary victory speech in 2008, and especially in the popular song that was made from that speech by the artist Will. I. Am. [...]


  • The Invisible Hand Episode 2: Interview with Michael Badnarik, Part 2

    This week’s show includes part 2 of Tracy’s recent interview with constitutional scholar Michael Badnarik (Click here to download). Tracy also talks to Brian Albert about: The FBI’s attempt to frame the Hutaree militia as a dangerous terrorist threat. Homeland Security’s attempt to spark a violent revolution by overreacting to a letter sent to state [...]


  • The Invisible Hand Episode 1: Interview with Michael Badnarik, Part 1

    The Invisible Hand is my new podcast about economics and current events. Each episode features a monologue, a discussion segment with Brian Albert, and a feature interview segment. This week’s show includes part 1 of my recent interview with constitutional scholar Michael Badnarik. Click here to download. Michael Badnarik We are selling ads on the [...]


  • New Cross of Lorraine Pendants Available- Just a few!

    I have two sterling silver and one 12 KT gold fill Cross of Lorraine pendants available for purchase. (UPDATE: only one of each are left now.) They are each 2.5 mm long. It’s $30 each for the silver, $35 for the gold. Shipping is free in the US. Click here for the silver and here [...]


  • Twyman on the Odyssey show again

    Here’s my latest appearance on Mike Schultz’s Odyssey, where I talk about the bankruptcy of the US gov’t in 1933 and the resultant loss of civil rights and property rights that has ensued. This show can also be seen in the Portland area on Comcast cable on Sunday 12/20/2009, 11:30 PM, on Channel 11 and [...]


  • Twyman on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis (audio link included)

    Recently I appeared on Clyde Lewis’ Ground Zero show, which is taped live at Dante’s Inferno in Portland, Oregon. This happened a few weeks ago but I just now realized that the audio is online.


  • Twyman on with Alex Ansary again

    I was on Outside the Box with Alex Ansary again. This time it was the radio version of the program, on the Oracle Broadcasting Network. This aired on November 7, 2009. We talked about the economy, health care, and the USA as a privately owned corporation. I mentioned that the health care takeover was, in [...]


  • The Matron and the Maiden: Baphomet Series #6

    The legend of Lilith becomes even more complex when we learn that, according to the kabbalists, there are in fact two Liliths: Lilith the Matron and Lilith the Maiden. The latter is described as the “slave” or “handmaiden” or the former. Lilith the Matron is said to be both the mate of Samael, and of [...]


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