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Dagobert's Revenge, Volume 5#1

Price: $6

78 pages, 8 and 1/2” x 11”, saddle-stitched, white bond paper, color glossy cover, black & white inside.


This issue, published in 2003, is fully illustrated. It contains the following articles, by Tracy R. Twyman and Boyd Rice:

“Secret Dossiers: Le Hieron du Val d’Or, by Henri Lobineau (attributed). Translated by Tracy Twyman

“The Daughter of God: The Real Story of Joan of Arc”, by Boyd Rice

“Between the Swastika and the Cross of Lorraine: The Ambivalence of the Priory of Sion During World War II”, by Tracy R. Twyman

“Giants on the Earth”, by Boyd Rice

“Geometric Revelations: An Interview with Henry Lincoln, co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail”, by Tracy R. Twyman

“The Flowering Tomb: Is There A Massive Structure Hidden Beneath Rennes-le-Chateau?”, by Tracy R. Twyman

“Out of Chaldea: The Secret Legacy of the Architect-Priests”, by Boyd Rice

“Work with the Square and Compass: The Hidden Mysteries of Chess and Playing Cards”, by Tracy R. Twyman

“The Occult Roots of Christianity”, by Boyd Rice

“The Divine Couple: Sex Magic and Mythology”, by Boyd Rice

“Once a Catholic, always a Catholic: An Interview with Pogo, a.k.a. “Madonna Wayne Gayce (keyboardist for Marylin Manson)”, by Boyd Rice