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Dagobert's Revenge, Volume 3 #1



Price: $50

78 pages, 8 and 1/2” x 11”, saddle-stitched, white bond paper, color glossy cover, black & white inside.


This is an extremely rare copy of Volume 3#1 of the cult classic magazine about Holy Grail mythos and secret societies: Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine, Edited by Tracy R. Twyman.

This issue, published in 2000, is fully illustrated, and contains the following articles, by Tracy R. Twyman, Boyd Rice, Adam Gorightly, Brian Albert, Dan Winter and Jeffrey Stewart:

“The True Meaning of Dagobert’s Revenge“, by Dan Winter

“Allegory of Merlin”, from the alchemical compendium Artis Auriteriae

“The Rebirth of the Heathen Millennium”, by Michael Moynihan

“The One Dollar Bill: A Little Masonic History Book”, author unknown

“The Magickal Art and Science of Viticulture” - The grafting of vines.

“Profiles in Royalty: The House of Bourbon”, by Tracy R. Twyman

“The Royal Pedigrees of US Presidents”, by Tracy R. Twyman

“Who are the True Jacobites: the House of Stewart or the House of Wittlesbach?”, by Tracy R. Twyman

…And to the Devil they’ll return”: A personal quest, and a brief genealogy”, by Boyd Rice.

“The Bush Family and the Brotherhood of Death”, by Tracy R. Twyman

“Ritual Magic, Mind Control, and the UFO Phenomenon, Part I”, by Adam Gorightly

“Boyd Rice, Lord and Conqueror”, an interview by Tracy R. Twyman

“White, Uncircumcized Cocks: An Interview with Death in June’s Douglas P.”, by Tracy R. Twyman

“The Prophet Ka-Spel”, an interview with the Legendary Pink Dots, by Brian Albert

“Ulver: The Wolfen Howl of Norway”, an interview by Tracy R. Twyman

“Interview with Backworld”, by Tracy R. Twyman

+ Book and record reviews, Letters to the Editor, Part II of the “Young Dagobert” comic strip by artist John Lucian (who also drew the unusual cover art for this issue), and multi-lingual cryptograms.