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Dagobert's Revenge, Volume 3#2


Price: $20

82 pages, 8 and 1/2” x 10.5”, saddle-stitched, white bond paper, color glossy cover, black & white inside.


This issue, published in 2000, is fully illustrated, and contains the following articles, by Tracy R. Twyman, Boyd Rice, Vadge Moore (of the punk band The Dwarves), Adam Gorightly, James P. Bergman and Ken Ichigawa:

“Rendezvous at Rennes-le-Chateau”, a travelogue by Tracy R. Twyman and Boyd Rice

“Profiles in Royalty: Rene d’Anjou”, by Tracy R. Twyman

“The Cross of Lorraine: Emblem of the Royal Secret”, by Boyd Rice

“Ritual Magick, Mind Control and the UFO Phenomenon”, by Adam Gorightly

“Toward the Undivided: Sacred Sex, the Hermaphrodite, and the Dual Nature of God”, by Boyd Rice

“The Biological Basis of Elitism and Divine Right Rule”, by Tracy R. Twyman

“Christ, the Templars, and Sex Magick”, by Vadge Moore

“The Hermeticism of Giordano Bruno”, by Ken Ichigawa

“Interview with Guy Patton, author of Web of Gold: The Secret History of a Sacred Treasure“, by Tracy R. Twyman

“Interview with Ostara”, by James P. Bergman

“Interview with Bogus Blimp”, by Tracy R. Twyman

“Interview with Spectre”, by James P. Bergman

“Interview with Christus Christus”, by James P. Bergman

+ Book and record reviews, Letters to the Editor, the lyrics to the traditional French folk song “Le Roi Dagobert”, multi-lingual cryptograms, and the “Crux Logos” puzzle.