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Plus Ultra, “the Podcast for the Odd Cast,” with your host, Tracy R. Twyman.

Scientia, Historia, Ars, Politica, Occulto

“There is More Beyond …”

(These episodes were recorded in 2007. The Plus Ultra podcast is not currently running. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the host’s current viewpoint.)


This show features and interview with Joel Gilbert, writer and director of Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran, and the Revolt of Islam



This show features and interview with Sue Shifrin-Cassidy, wife of David Cassidy, regarding her book The World’s Greatest Email, an anthology of the author’s favorite SPAM. Also included is the prose poem “The Volcanic Land of Mysterious Green Smurfs” recorded by artists The Pros.



When you were a kid, did you read comic books? Did you ever think that the heroes and villains in these stories embodied universal archetypes that could be traced back to the gods of the ancient world? Did you ever think about the similarities between the make-believe world inhabited by super heroes and the magical world-view of occultism? How much do you know about the esoteric underpinnings of comic book plot lines, or the lives of the men who created them? Now that big budget films and high-def video games are making comic book heroes more popular than ever, now is the perfect time for the research of today’s guest, Christopher Knowles. He has written a fascinating book called Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes, illustrated by Joseph Michael Linsner and published by Red Wheel/Weiser.



Do you know about the ancient Israelite king Jedidiah? The one known for his wit and wisdom? The one who built the first Jewish temple in Jerusalem? The one whose legendary wealth allegedly surpassed all the other kings of the Earth? You don’t remember the story of Jedidiah? Well, perhaps that’s because you know him better as King Solomon. But that wasn’t the name he was born with. How much do you really know about King Solomon and the Temple he built? How much do you really know about the ancient origins of our Judeo-Christian beliefs? Stay tuned for a fascinating conversation with the British writer Kevin Gest, author of The Secrets of Solomon’s Temple: Discover the Hidden Truth that Lies at the Heart of Freemasonry.



This episode features an interview with Jan Lamprecht, author of Government by Deception: Psychopolitics in Southern Africa. Mr. Lamprecht is a former citizen of Zimbabwe, previously known as Rhodesia, and now lives in South Africa. He is going to tell us about the history of Southern Africa and the horrific things that have been going on in Zimbabwe under the rule of the brutal dictator Robert Mugabe. He also analyzes the military and intelligence role that China and Russia have played in the evolution of this situation.



This episode features an interview with Semir Osmanagic, the man who discovered ancient pyramids in Bosnia over 2 years ago. He believes that one of these pyramids is the largest in the world, and that they are all at least 12,000 years old!



This episode features an interview with Doug Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network.



This episode features interviews with Dr. Mark Hitchcock, author of The Apocalypse of Ahmadinejad, and with Christopher Knight, a victim of US copyright hypocrisy.



Our feature interview this week is with Mr. Michael Gove, one of the leading conservative Ministers of Parliament in the UK. He’s the Founding Chairman of the conservative think tank Policy Exchange, writes regularly for The Times of London, and is the Former Editor of the Saturday Edition of The Times. He is also the author of the controversial book Celsius 7/7. In this interview, we talk about the British government’s reaction to the 7/7 attacks, the Cartoon Jihad of ’06, and the changing face of the modern Left.



“Plus Ultra Phunny Pharm Medical Medley”: Guaranteed to put you under the weather! No interviews, no commercials this time. Just a 17-minute audio collage commenting on the American pharmaceutical industry by audio collage art troupe Quiet When Group (featuring Tracy R. Twyman and Brian Albert).



Part II of Tracy’s discussion with Peter Levenda, author of the three-part series, Sinister Forces, as well as Unholy Alliance: A History of the Nazi Involvement With the Occult. He was also a translator of the Necronomicon. This episode will answer questions regarding Levenda’s involvement with the publication of the Necronomicon in the 1970s. It will also include information about the part he played in creating the Slavonic Orthodox Church, anecdotes from his personal involvement with the intelligence community, and his experience with the phenomena known as “Wandering Bishops.”



Peter Levenda, author of the three-part series, Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft, as well as Unholy Alliance: A History of the Nazi Involvement With the Occult. He was also translator of the Necronomicon.