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Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge, Part V

Just like those who came before us, we have been sold into slavery by our ancestors, who were simultaneously plied with promises of blessings and threatened with curses, until they agreed to offer their children up for sacrifice. In 1913, the Federal Reserve was created. Known colloquially as “the Fed,” or “the Temple,” they magically created a gold-pegged money supply out of nothing through fractional reserve lending, using the multiplier effect, and allowed the other banks in the country to do likewise. (For more information on this, see Part III of this essay.) It was this faith that was the secret ingredient in the magical recipe that allowed the alchemy of fiat currency to work. This process involved selling bonds, backed with the full faith and credit of the United States government.

Turning paper into gold requires faith

But what did this “faith” really represent? Well, just like the temples of the ancient world, the Federal Reserve demanded sacrifice. And just as the priesthood of Israel instituted a financial tax scheme as a substitute for the traditional sacrifice of the first-born child, the Federal Income Tax was created at the same time as the Federal Reserve, with the passage of the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution (which may not have ever been properly ratified).

This enabled the bank to sell the US Treasury’s debt with promises of interest payments, paid for by the taxes of every American. Each dollar created by the banking system represents debt owed to the government’s creditors. This puts pressure on Americans, not just to obtain money and property for their own comfort, but to have a regular income, so that a portion of that income can be sacrificed to the banking system.

The meant that the Fed was able to create money out of nothing only by enslaving the population, like Mercury having his wings cut off by Saturn. In order to enjoy the imagined benefits of the central bank’s alchemical magic, each American would need to become a wage slave. But in the process of creating money out of nothing, which involves conjuring it from thin air, loaning it out on paper, and having it paid back with interest, the banking system sows the seeds of its own demise.

An alchemist puffer creating gold from thin air

This is because the population at large cannot make money out of nothing. They have to either earn it through work, or sell something in exchange for it, or somehow take it from someone else. That means there will always be more money owed to the banks than the banks have put into the system, even though they are the only ones who can do so. This money owed will always get exponentially larger over time, because of compound interest. When people cannot make their payments any longer because they have exhausted their ability to earn or steal the magic paper that banks create at will, they default. Then the banks take ownership of their property instead, and garnish their future wages.

This is exactly what happened in 1933, when the US government declared bankruptcy and defaulted on its debts. As I explained in a previous installment of this series, all of the privately-owned gold held by American citizens was confiscated. Furthermore, as part of the Joint Resolution 192, “To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause,” all of the private property held by citizens of the United States was “hypothecated” to the creditors of the US Treasury. That is why we only own “real estate,” a term that indicates land belonging to the king (the state), for which we pay rent in the form of property taxes. By definition, a person who is forbidden to own property is a slave.

This status was solidified with the creation of the Social Security system. Ostensibly this was created to ensure that the old and frail were not left homeless by their Depression-ravaged families, who were unable to take care of them. In reality, however, it turned each individual citizen into a securitized asset, owned by the banks that own the government. Each time we fill out a birth certificate for our newborn child, we are having our baby marked with a UPC code and selling it to the banking system.

A social contract requires 2 witting parties

As noted most vociferously by the so-called “sovereign citizens’ movement,” the assignment of a Social Security number to a government subject creates a corporate entity in the name of that particular person. The word “corporation” means “body,” and it is legally viewed as an artificial person. Sovereign citizens called it the “Straw Man.” I find it quite similar to the alchemical concept of the homunculus discussed in the last installment of this series.

For each one of us, there is essentially a bank account number assigned to that corporate Straw Man. It is given a credit value, based on the assumption that the person associated with the account will have a job, and will sacrifice a portion of each paycheck to the Social Security fund. The government can then spend the money that is paid into it now, and borrow against the money that will presumably be paid in the future.

This is how we were given over as property to the corporate state by the elite of the so-called “Greatest Generation,” who bathed the world in blood during World War II. But the slave grid was going global. In July of 1944, 730 delegates from the 44 Allied nations met at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire for the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference. At this conference, the infamous International Monetary Fund (IMF) was created.

Protesting IMF loan sharks

The meeting secured a promise from each country to maintain the exchange rate of its currency within a fixed value of gold. It had always been the right of governments to set their own trade tariffs and quotas up until that point, but the international banking cartel wanted to have total control over that themselves. They used the Great Depression and World War II to break down the resistance of the world’s governments. Chief American economist and designer of the Bretton Woods system Harry Dexter White put the bankers’ threat this way:

“… the absence of a high degree of economic collaboration among the leading nations will … inevitably result in economic warfare that will be but the prelude and instigator of military warfare on an even vaster scale.”

The nations were lulled into this trap by being told that economic interdependency would bring peace. US Secretary of State Cordell Hull embraced the notion, stating:

“…if we could get a freer flow of trade … freer in the sense of fewer discriminations and obstructions … so that one country would not be deadly jealous of another and the living standards of all countries might rise, thereby eliminating the economic dissatisfaction that breeds war, we might have a reasonable chance of lasting peace.”

Well, it was a nice thought, but unfortunately, what Hull and other delegates got the United States involved in at Bretton Woods has had exactly the opposite effect. Instead it has depressed living standards globally by shackling nations with incurable debt and brought not peace, but a global police state. What the cartel sold to us all as “free trade” is in fact a complex system regulating the “balance of trade” among nations. Thus an international body decides whether or not a particular nation will be allowed to be prosperous at any particular moment, and when their prosperity will be abruptly cut off. It is exactly the opposite of economic freedom.

With every free lunch, a hidden agenda

At the Bretton Woods conference, the agents for the cartel, viewed by the rest of the world as representing American interests, essentially dictated the terms for all of the other countries, and used desperately-needed aid money to bribe them into agreement. One of the British delegates at the conference was economist John Meynard Keynes, who recommended the creation of a world currency unit called the “Bancor”, backed by a collection of 30 commodities, including gold. For the last two centuries, Western governments had tended to base their currencies on a fixed relationship to a gold standard, which was useful not only for stabilizing the currency but for maintaining exchange rates for international trade. International accounts were settled from one country to another using gold.

Roosevelt was not at all opposed to the concept of a global currency, and told his Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau (who had helped him design the mysterious one dollar bill) to prepare possible designs for a currency he called the “Unitas.” But at Bretton Woods, the bankers decided that, rather than have a global currency based on gold, they would just use the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and force the rest of the world’s governments to connect the value of their currencies to the US dollar’s relationship to gold.

In return, the United States agreed to allow the central banks of other countries to convert their dollars to gold at any time at the fixed price of $35 per ounce, regardless of the market value of gold at the time. This arrangement gave the United States tremendous economic advantages in the short term, but in the long term only the banks themselves came out on top, as we shall see.

This was because the US dollar was not just a currency but a debt instrument in itself. The creation of every dollar earned interest for the Fed even as it multiplied into ever more interest-earning dollars ad infinitum. Because they convinced our government to agree to redeem the Federal Reserve notes for foreign banks at $35 an ounce, it could be used, just as gold had been, to settle international accounts between central banks. To maintain the “balance of payments” needed to calculate a proper exchange rate, the central banks of other countries could just buy or sell dollars. They just had to agree not to ever adjust the value of their currencies beyond plus or minus 1% of the international “pegged rate” without IMF approval.

The Fed, key player in global ponzi scheme

But notice what this means is that the central banks of other countries, as well as the IMF, were given rights to convert American money to gold which American citizens themselves did not have. They then sold that gold off to their own central banks throughout the world, as well as the IMF, for $35 an ounce, perpetually. That’s $35 in the Federal Reserve’s own notes. They could then sell that gold on the open market at many hundreds times profit, depending on the street value at the time.

When the International Monetary Fund was created, the member nations were asked to chip in a certain quota of money, related to the assessed size of that nation’s economy. This contribution was to be made 75% in that nation’s own currency, and 25% in gold, or in “currency redeemable in gold” — in other words, the dollar. So the creation of the IMF on its first day alone resulted in the sale of billions of US dollars to foreign central banks, so that they could be placed in a fund controlled from an office on US soil, and owned by the same group of stockholders that own the Federal Reserve that issued the dollars in the first place. Of course, those with a vested interest in the Federal Reserve would prefer to do business in US dollars because the mere creation of dollars bears interest to the Fed due from the US treasury.

The money and gold amassed from these quotas was then used as reserve funds to make loans to the very countries that had contributed the quotas in the first place. If they could no longer make the interest payments on these loans, they could draw out 25% of their own quota money, but this time as yet another “loan” from the IMF. Yes: a loan from the IMF to help them make the interest payments on their other IMF loans, which were made to them using the members’ own money as a reserve. If that country still needed more money to make their interest payments, they could make agreements to borrow from other countries, using the IMF and/or its numerous associated institutions as intermediaries — for as percentage, of course.

The IMF (and its sister groups, like the World Bank) force loans upon countries in situations of need. If they can’t afford to make their interest payments on the IMF loans they have already got, the IMF loans them more money to make those payments. In exchange, of course, they demand complete control over the nation’s economy. Because of this, a small handful of people now dictate the price of goods, the wages of workers, and the value of the money they are paid, in countries all over the globe.

What they have built is a global economic machine that allows them to create the most favorable terms possible for the world’s largest multinational corporations to become larger, at the expense of everyone else. When countries get into too much debt, or experience economic hardship, the IMF comes along to implement “austerity measures.” This means cutting public expenditures and increasing taxes so that the government can make larger interest payments on its debts to the banks. Through the IMF, the banking cartel controls governments, who in turn control the lives of their subjects according to the will of their private corporate masters.

Protesting IMF austerity

The International Monetary Fund, and the international monetary system that it oversees, has accomplished its first purpose, which was to unite most of the world’s national economies into a whole so intertwined that mutual destruction would be assured if any major players backed out of the system or refuse to play by the rules. The excuse for doing this back in 1944 was to eliminate war. Now, violent global police actions are engaged in by the US and European powers, in order to enforce compliance with the global monetary regime. But they are never called “wars,” officially, for none of the participating countries have any political sovereignty left, so they are forbidden by international treaty from officially declaring war, which the United States Congress and President have not done since the beginning of World War II.

The other purpose of the international monetary system is to reduce the price of all goods in all countries to the lowest possible level, by managing the world as a global supply chain. Each region has its own resources, its own economic strengths. The goal is to have each country contribute whatever it has at the lowest price possible, to form the perfect, most efficient assembly line possible. This includes obtaining labor at the lowest possible price. This is the purpose of things such as the WTO (World Trade Organization), GATT (the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), and NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement).

One of the effects of this system is to create surplus labor, the very thing that Karl Marx said would bring about the downfall of capitalism. This, by its very nature, brings unemployment and low wages, destroying a country’s standard of living, and plunging its population into deep poverty. It has turned the planet into a giant slave labor prison, where everyone who is lucky enough to have a job has to work at an ever-increasing level of productivity for an ever-decreasing value of remuneration in order to compete.

Your status is official

In order to even get a job in the present system, you have to first prove that you are an ideal slave. You must be in good health (and submit a DNA sample to prove you don’t have any bad habits). You must have a record of always obeying the law, always paying your debts, never quitting your jobs, never getting fired, and never having any lapses in your employment. You must be willing to sacrifice your family, your wealth, and even your health (which is supposedly so important) in order to fulfill your master’s wishes. You must anticipate his needs before he speaks them. Most importantly, you should have no personal ambition, but be overzealous in your desire to achieve your master’s goals for him. If you cannot meet these requirements, there are 1000 other eager slaves waiting to take your place.


Those who cannot compete are cast out of the system, like Cain, forced to play the role of the vagabond and the fugitive. Like the righteous in The Revelation of St. John the Divine, those who refuse the Mark of the Beast are not allowed to buy or sell. They must beg, borrow, and steal to get their bread. They are not permitted to sleep anywhere, and are always in violation of some law, merely for existing, merely because they cannot afford to bribe the authorities they run into at every corner who demand a toll for passage or rent for staying put.

The book Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson is used frequently in corporate training, especially for Human Resources departments. It’s supposed to teach you that the marketplace is always changing, and thus you have to constantly adapt to where the “cheese” (i.e. the income opportunity) has moved to.

The book depicts your life as that of a mouse trapped inside of a maze controlled by scientists from the outside. These all-powerful scientists decide each day where in the maze to place the cheese that the mice get to eat, and how much. Then the mice have to use their instincts to try to sniff out where the “cheese” has moved to that day. Some of the mice are lazy, slow to change, and complain about having to find new cheese every day. In the course of the story these mice are beaten into submission through starvation until they learn to accept their fate, and begin to hunt for the cheese every day like all of the others.

Amazingly, the term “rat race” is never used throughout this entire book, but that is clearly what it is describing. What’s truly odd about the book is that the question in the title is never really answered. Who did move the cheese anyway? Who are these scientists that control everything? Who appointed them? Did we elect them? Were they chosen by God? How did we get inside of the maze, and who made that decision for us?

Who stole my cheese, and how do I get out of this maze?

Of course, in most situations, a mouse who finds cheese lying around is being lured into a trap. The word “maze” means “delusion,” or “bewilderment,” and is related to the Norwegian word “mas,” meaning “exhausting labor.” In the West, the most well-known, most culturally archetypal maze is the Labyrinth at Crete. At the center of the Labyrinth was the Minotaur, a bull-headed beast to whom children were sent as tributes from subject nations and sacrificed each year.

In the film The Matrix, machines have taken over the world. The Sun’s light has been blotted from the sky, and the machines are using human bodies as batteries. The humans are kept in vats of goo with electrodes connected to them. They are forever asleep, forever living in an artificial dream world, controlled, at least partially, by a computer. The whole system runs on cannibalism. The dead slaves are “liquefied and fed intravenously to the living.”

The Matrix: A Gnostic parable describing our economy

The word “matrix” means “pregnant animal,” “womb,” and “source,” or “origin.” It is a fitting term for the state and bank-controlled slave system we all live in. From Pallas Athena of Greece to the modern figures of Columbia, Britannia, and Marianne, the state has always been represented by a goddess figure as the seat of sovereignty, the repository of royal wisdom. In Egypt, the name Isis literally meant “throne.” A later definition of matrix, which you will remember from math class, is as an “array of possible combinations of truth-values.”

The Alchemical Matrix

In his book Aion: Researches Into the Phenomenology of the Self, Carl Jung wrote of the alchemical “Matrix” or “vas naturale,” an array of glass alembics “immersed in a cooking pot,” inside of which “the son of the philosophers is begotten.” They contain “tincture, blood, and egg.” In one alchemical illustration from 1588, the Matrix is shown next to a picture of Christ being speared in the heart — the Son of God sacrificed — with blood and water pouring out.

For our purposes, the Matrix can be seen as the womb-like prison in which we are fattened before we are thrown into the gullet of Father Time (Cronos). It is the machine in which we must work as slaves, turning the metaphorical wheels, plowing the metaphorical fields, rolling the rock up the hill, only to have it fall roll back down to the bottom again. Our seemingly futile labor creates the energy supply that is used to create the artificial gold that our masters demand for us to spin out of nothing.

The connection between money and sacrifice, including slavery, imprisonment, and death, is inherent in many of our financial terms. “Finance” comes from the French “finer”, meaning “to end, settle a dispute or debt.” The word “mortgage” means “dead pledge.” A “bond” was originally a “”a serf or tenant farmer” in Middle English. It still implies being handcuffed, shackled or tied up. It still implies economic slavery.

The global economy has become a gigantic pyramid scheme built for channeling the life-energy of the many into the hands of the few. Through an alchemical transmutation process, in a giant machine where we work the levers, we produce wealth for them to enjoy. When we work at our jobs, pay our taxes, consume goods and services, deposit our paychecks at the bank, register for selective service, for Social Security, or for welfare, we are feeding the beast.

Feeding the Beast

The true energy source, the true prima materia from which the alchemical gold is produced is, in this instance, our blood, sweat and tears: our youth, and that of our descendants. Our faith in the system is what allows the magical transformation to occur that changes our sacrificed energy into gold for the benefit of our corporate government overlords. We know that we will eventually be consumed in the belly of Moloch, but to stave off that day as long as possible, we throw our babies into the fire as a substitute for the full price that is required of us.

It is amazing to think about how much of our economic activity in centered around the old sacrificial customs. In the USA, the “fiscal year” begins with the harvest in October. But in our present system, money is the real harvest. October is when the Christmas shopping season begins. This is the period when “consumer sales,” upon which the entire system is dependent, are expected to jump dramatically.

Retail businesses operate “in the red,” as a loss, all year long, expecting to make it up and go “into the black” during Christmas season. This is because mothers who feel guilty about being separated from their children by their slave wage job try to make it up by charging up debt they can’t afford to buy their kids plastic crap made by child slaves in China. This is an echo of the first Christmas, when the Wise Men gave gifts to the newborn babe that they knew was destined to be sacrificed.

Black Friday allows businesses to earn a profit

This is all so very fitting when you consider that Christmas is really none other than the continuation of the Roman festival of Saturnalia. This is all a commemoration of the alleged “Golden Age” of Saturn, the planetary ruler of the sign of Capricorn, which presides over this portion of the month of December. Supposedly during the Golden Age, the year was 360 days long, the Earth’s axis was not tilted, and the planet’s orbit was perfectly circular (each day corresponding to a one-degree movement along the orbit.) There were no seasons as we know them now, and the Earth was perfectly temperate. This explains why no work needed to be done. Food grew on its own in abundance. Some Roman chronicles even say that there was no death, no sexual generation, and really no time as we presently know it.

When this situation changed, and the seasons began, and the year was lengthened to its present form, the ancients celebrated the extra five days at the end of the year as “non-days,” and attempted to recreate the circumstances of the Golden Age. No work was done, and on the Italian peninsula, a figure called the “Lord of Misrule,” representing Saturn, was elected as a temporary king. At Saturnalia, slaves and masters switched places, and everyone wore the red Phrygian hat or liberty cap, the symbol of a freed slave.

The King, and all of the children, were showered with gifts during this time period. Often the King was the one giving the gifts to the children. A baby, representing Dionysius, and the coming newborn year, was paraded about town by the Lord of Misrule and a young man, described much like the typical depiction of Mercury. At the end of the 12 days of Saturnalia (perhaps representative of the 12 children swallowed by Cronus), the Lord of Misrule would be sacrificed.

Father Time (Saturn) as the old, dying year, with the New Year Babe (Dionysus)

Clearly, the Lord of Misrule, Saturn, is represented in modern times by Santa Claus. Like his predecessors, he drives a chariot across the sky, wears a liberty cap, and lives in the North Pole, which is associated with the center of the Earth, the Black Sun, and tomb of the sleeping Saturn. (For more details on this, read Arktos: The Polar Myth, by Joscelyn Godwin.) Santa has an army of child slaves (elves) who make the toys with which he plies young children to sit on his lap.

As Santa, Saturn now comes down the chimney like a witch and eats the votive offerings of milk and cookies left for him by children (perhaps as a substitute in the hopes that he won’t eat the children instead.) In exchange, he leaves toys for the ones that have been well-behaved throughout the year. Kids are told that they had better be good, because Santa’s keeping a list of their sins.

Then, on Christmas Eve, when the stockings hang by the fire (implying perhaps the threat of the children themselves roasting on the fire), the bad kids will be given a lump of coal (i.e. be turned to charcoal). This may also be a ritual remembrance of the stone wrapped in swaddling clothes that saved Zeus from getting eaten by Cronos. (Coal, of course, is mined from the Earth, and can be transformed into precious stones through heat and pressure, which makes for a very alchemical metaphor indeed.)

A memory of a more ghastly ritual?

The end of the calendar year also marks the end of the tax year. But taxes are not actually due until April 15th of the following year. This happens to be the same date as the Roman fertility festival of Fordicia. The name comes from “fordae caedendae,” Latin word s meaning: “the pregnant cows which were to be slaughtered.” As the god Faunus told King Numa Pompilius in a dream: “By the death of cattle … Tellus must be placated … Let a single heifer yield two souls for the rites.” So just as the Romans gave up their best cows, and the unborn calves within them, up to the bloodthirsty gods, so we sacrifice our future every April 15th.

The Gnostic sect known as the Manicheans believed that the Demiurge (the “artisan” or “public worker”) had created mankind to be eaten. As Willis Barnstone writes in The Other Bible: Ancient Alternative Scriptures:

“The most pessimistic version of creation concerns the creation of Adam and Eve. They are the pawns of the King of Darkness in his strategy to defeat the Unknown Father. Their birth was described by the Manicheans as an abomination, and abortion, a ruse, in which the Creator reveals cannibalism for his own offspring.”

The Manichean creation

Creation, they believed, was really just a prison. We are essentially trapped inside the bodies of our creators and being digested by them. The author continues:

“… a common notion is that the world was created by the Archons, including its master Yahweh, the Prince of Darkness. The flesh and skin of the Archons were stretched out to form the firmaments and the mountains were formed from their flesh and bones. Into this impure matter the soul was mingled: thus Manichean pessimism, which finds human life a prison of the soul in the powers of Darkness.”

This is very similar to Dante’s depiction of Hell, inside the body of Satan, where the damned are eaten and digested for eternity. The only difference is that in this view, Hell is everywhere. As Mephistopheles said to Faust to explain where he had come from: “This is Hell. Nor am I out of it.”

Hell, or the present situation

Whether or not the gods ever really existed, or any particular theology is correct is incidental to our inquiry. What is important about these myths is that they portray society as the maladapted stepchild of a dysfunctional family that has lived through thousands of years of intergenerational abuse. Everyone alive has grown up in a system where the main goal was to take power away from others and abuse others less powerful than they were: eat them, before they eat you.

Historically we have put up with this, and participated in it, out of the irrational belief that it was necessary to achieve prosperity and security for ourselves. We have been traumatized, hypnotized, and conditioned into believing this. We feel trapped and imprisoned, but we also believe that there is no life outside of the prison, and greater punishment to come if we try to escape. So we never do. But the situation is changing. The brutal, cannibalistic matrix that has nursed us for so long is dying.

The right of other countries to redeem their dollars in gold at the fixed price of $35 an ounce, which was the lynch-pin of the Bretton Woods agreement in international monetary system agreed to in 1944, became quite a problem over the years for the United States. The issue was that in order for the system to actually work, the US would need to very strictly control the value of its currency. This meant that America couldn’t go printing money willy-nilly whenever they needed to pay for more social programs, or for military adventures. But of course, that was exactly what the US Congress proceeded to do over the next three decades.

By 1971, the dollar had inflated considerably, and foreign central banks had looted the US gold reserves, so that there was only enough to cover 22% of the dollars in existence. West Germany and Switzerland pulled out of the Bretton-Woods system, and the demand for gold payment from other central banks increased even more, because those banks could then turn around and sell the gold on the open market at tremendous profit. The US dollar was standing on a precipice.

This was what motivated President Nixon that year to make a unilateral decision, without consulting the IMF, to close the “gold window” and stop redeeming dollars in gold. This was the final nail in the coffin of the Bretton Woods system, and unhinged the value of the dollar from gold completely. This is at the center of a controversy that, as I write these words, threatens to topple the currencies of the world simultaneously.

The effect of closing the gold window

At present, large quantities of gold are still traded between central banks via the IMF, much of it at below street-market value, in order to “settle international accounts.” IMF-controlled central banks are allowed to report their gold certificates (representing the gold that they have “leased out” or dishoarded) in the same column on their balance sheets where the gold reserves themselves are reported. So nobody actually knows how much gold is in reserve at these banks.

An organization called the Gold Anti-Trust Association has presented evidence that the street price of gold is being purposely manipulated by central banks through the counterfeiting and sale of these gold certificates. It is merely another form of alchemy through fiat paper. But in this case, it is being done to mask the other form of alchemy: the paper and electronic money being produced by central banks as national currency.

Because fiat currencies tend to have a naturally inverse relationship to the price of gold, and silver as well, depressing the price of both metals helps to hide the depreciating value of both currencies. This is important, because we need those currencies to have perceived value, or else nobody will buy the bonds that they are based on, international trade will stop, people will stop using the money for domestic commerce, and the whole system will be destroyed in a very short span of time.

GATA has specifically named J.P. Morgan Chase as being heavily involved in the scam, as well as the London Bullion Market Association. This is the organization responsible for “fixing” the international price of gold and silver each day. Their corporate logo is a half-sun in gold, combined with a half-moon in silver. Their official quarterly publication is called The Alchemist.

Logo for the London Bullion Market Association

GATA’s revelations have set off a global demand amongst holders of gold and silver certificates to receive their bullion in hand, right now. This is largely what is behind the surge in gold and silver prices that is now occurring at this writing. It would be front page news if it were not for the fact that all Hell is breaking lose on every other economic front as well.

The civilized world is presently waking up to the fact that the illusion of prosperity experienced by some people over the last few decades came by selling assets for far beyond what they were worth to people who couldn’t afford them, saddling them with a debt they could never repay. These debts were then treated as though they had actual value, just as our treasury debt is treated as though it is gold. Mortgages were chopped up and resold in pieces to new creditors, often multiple creditors at the same time. Now nobody knows who actually owns the paper on those properties anymore. But the debts still exist, a hunger in the banking system that demand to be fed but can never be satisfied.

Today, the number of debts that exist on paper exceeds the number of assets that exist on Earth by exponential and ever-increasing amounts. The Federal Reserve is buying the US Treasury’s debt on its own through a process called “quantitative easing.” They now create unprecedented amounts of money and loan it out for free (near 0% interest). to banks and financial institutions, who use it to pump up the stock market.

70% of stock market transactions are now created through something called “high-frequency trading,” where banks use this cheap borrowed money to trade stocks with computers, using algorithms, back and forth between each other several times a minute. With this, they are able to actually “front-run” everyone else’s transactions and control the entire market to their own benefit.

A trap awaits the greedy and short-sighted

Not only does it provide them with tremendous profit, and a game that is rigged so that they can’t lose. It also serves to mask the sickness of the economy at large. Like a crackhead mother who’s too busy getting high and playing Everquest to make dinner for her kids, the lords of finance who control the corporate government are putting a DVD on to keep us entertained and ignoring our cries of hunger. But eventually it will catch up with all of us. The global economy, as we know it, is dying. And we don’t know what will replace it.

According to Ovid, there have been four ages of man. The first was the Golden Age, ruled by Saturn, previously discussed. Afterwards came the Silver Age, ruled by Jupiter, the Roman Zeus, in which agriculture was introduced. There followed two ages where men ruled themselves, each more degenerate than the next: the Bronze Age, and the present Iron Age. Only after the death of the Iron Age can a new Golden Age come about. This corresponds to the myth that Saturn will awaken from his ancient sleep within his tomb, rising to rule the Earth with misrule and peaceful, prosperous anarchy.

The Hindus have a similar legend, attributing to the ages the very same metals, and the same concept of the degeneration of civilization over time. As Fulcanelli explains in The Mystery of the Cathedrals:

“The entire cycle of human evolution is figured there in the form of a cow, symbolizing Virtue, each of whose four feet rests on one of the sectors representing the four ages of the world. In the first age, corresponding to the Greek age of gold and called the Creda Yuga or age of innocence, Virtue is firmly established on earth: the cow stands squarely on four legs. In the Treda Yuga or second age, corresponding to the age of silver, it is weakened and stands only on three legs. During the Touvabara Yuga, or third age, which is the age of bronze, it is reduced to two legs. Finally, in the age of iron, our own age, the cyclic cow or human virtue reaches the utmost degree of feebleness and senility: it is scarcely able to stand, balancing on only one leg. It is the fourth and last age Kali Yuga, the age of misery, misfortune and decrepitude.

“The age of iron has no other seal than that of Death. Its hieroglyph is the skeleton, bearing: the attributes of Saturn: the empty hour-glass, symbol of time run out, and the scythe …”

The Kali Yuga

The Kali Yuga is named after the man-eating Hindu goddess of death and time, whose name is related to our word “calendar.” But death, in alchemy, in mythology, and in reality, is a necessary part of the cycle of life, and the magical process of transmutation. Only through the death of the present sick system can the Earth be fertilized and the true green shoots of prosperity sprout up again. The system will die when we stop feeding it: when we recognize it for the vicious, man-eating beast that it is.

As mentioned in Part IV of this essay, in The New Atlantis, Sir Francis Bacon predicted a future return of the Golden Age in the form of a “Philosophic Empire,” where man would be free from toil and spend his days in artistic and intellectual pursuits. One of the illustrations in this book featured an image of Saturn snatching a naked woman from out of a cave. It included the Latin words “Tempore Patet Occulta Veritas”: “In time, the mysteries will be revealed.”

From The New Atlantis by Sir Francis Bacon

The woman clearly represents Venus, or Isis, that “Sleeping Beauty,” who, like Saturn himself, was said in the myths to rest in a death-like slumber in her tomb in a sacred mountain. Here she is said to lie nude, behind a veil that “no man hath yet uncovered.” This represents the Hermetic mysteries of magic and alchemy, time and space.

Only true initiates get to peak behind the veil and see the lady Venus naked, as Christian Rosenkreutz did in the alchemical story named after him. It is the revelation of unbridled truth, known by the Latin phrase “Eripitur persona, manet res”: “the mask is snatched away, the rest remains.” This phrase was explained by Jeremy Taylor in The Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying, from 1651, in the following way:

“ …we take pains to heap up things useful to our life, and get our death in the purchase; and the person is snatched away, and the goods remain. And all this is the law and constitution of nature, it is a punishment to our sins, the unalterable event of providence, and the decree of heaven. The chains that confine us to this condition are strong as destiny, and immutable as the eternal laws of God.”

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