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The Liberty Cap and Mithras

From The Dragon Legacy by Nicholas de Vere:

The Red Cap of the Gnome and the Pixy is the pointed cap associated with witchcraft and shamanism, examples of it can be found in Babylonian stone bas-relief depictions of the gods, in burial sites in Takla Makan and elsewhere in the Celtic world. In relation to the Gnome or the Pixy, this headdress is of Phrygian origin, where it was once worn with the point folded towards the front of the head. A portrait of Liberty leading the French Revolution depicts her wearing this same Phrygian Cap.

The Phrygians migrated from Thrace, the original home of Dionysus, to lands adjacent to Galatia in central Anatolia around 500 BC. They were probably descended from the same stock as those earlier Scythians who migrated to Thrace from Ireland.

Returning there they became the Fir Bolg and the Phrygians revered a Goddess Queen of the same Dragon Pantheon from which the Fir Boig of the Tuatha de Danaan were descended. This deity - Cybele - was a native of mountains and forests. Originally known to the Greeks as Rhea, the Titaness and mother of Zeus by Cronos, she can be identified as the Sumerian Antu, wife of Anu, from whence the Danaan derive their name - Tuadha d’Anu.

The Phrygians also worshipped Mithras who was the Persian god often identified with Mazda. Mithras is often depicted as slaying the “world bull” which represents what the gnostic dualists call the demiurge, the subordinate creator and “Lord of this World”….

In slaying the bull, Mithras is destroying the world of form and illusion created by the language we use to interpret the stimulus received by the human senses. In one sense human beings are the bull itself, and here we enter the true meaning of the christian message. From the death of the bull is brought forth new life. From the death of the christian believer is brought forth new life in the spirit of Christ.

The Phrygian cap worn by Mithras, the badge of transcendence, was the same cap worn by all shamans since the Golden Age of the Titans, those Anunnaki (Anunnagi) ancestors of the Dragon Clans, from whence emerged the Fairy Race of the ancient Dragon and Grail Blood; the Gnomes, Pixies and Sprites. It was once said that the Phrygian devotees of Mithras would soak themselves in the blood of sacrificed bulls. Anciently the skull of the bull was used to symbolize the female organs.

The Horns were often tipped with round golden balls and these and the horns themselves represented the ovaries and fallopian tubes which were joined to the cranium, which symbolized the womb, a symbolic connection between the brain and the uterus, or intelligence and menstrual blood.

The nasal passage and mouth of the bull represented the vagina and to be soaked in bull’s blood, was to be soaked in the blood of the womb. The red cap of both the Phrygian and the Fairy therefore was originally colored by the blood of wisdom and a garden gnome will never look the same again.

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