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Help Me With My Project to Expose and Replace Global Monetary Ponzi Scheme

I am working on unraveling the unbelievable global monetary ponzi scheme. What I am uncovering is basically the real cause for all of the major military conflicts, and all of the economic displacement that has occurred for the last 100 years. It has led to the consolidation of all wealth and power in the hands of a very small number of people. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is all based on official documents.

These documents are literally the most chilling material I have ever read in my life.

Until we understand how this scheme works, we cannot hope to bring financial stability, to America, or to the rest of the world. We also cannot hope for peace or effective diplomacy.

If we do understand, then we can fix the economic problems with relative ease. Relative, that is, to the incredible Hell we are about to go through if we allow the financial elite to plot the course of our future for us.

I want to not only expose the truth, but contribute ideas for how we can replace this ponzi scheme with something real. And I want to propose not just a theoretical solution, but a step-by-step blueprint for action. I am setting my goal as nothing less than the destruction of this fraudulent global monetary system: to return fiscal decision-making power to the sovereign nations of this world so that real economists, not shill’s for the global elite, can help us forge a path to renewal, with the full awareness, consent, and participation of the people who are effected by monetary policy: all of us.

Now is the time when the system is weak and awareness of its fraudulent nature is becoming widespread. For years we have all felt that this problem to too large, our overlords too powerful, to fight with any expectation of success. That is not true now. There has never been a better time.

I’m quite serious. I think we can really do this.

To finish my research and writing I will need some funds to keep me going. You can help by sending contributions by PayPal to Or, write to me for an address if you would like to send something via snail mail.

You can also help by purchasing books at:

Or by purchasing t-shirts and other items from:

Or by hiring me for editing and publishing services

Direct contributions are best, however, because they literally pay for the time I will be spending working on this. I have built up a lot of momentum now and want to keep the ball rolling. So please help! Thank you very much in advance!

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