For eons, mankind has known of the existence of portals: dimensional doorways between our world and other realms. Sometimes these portals also form pathways between distant points in space within our own world, or even between different points in time. Also called vortices or gateways, portals are oftentimes closed except for certain people, or at certain times. In some cases physical bodies and objects are able to pass through and come out the other side. Sometimes people and objects become lost in the void beyond. At other times, the existence of the portal is felt in more subtle ways, as it only allows energies, rather than physical matter, to pass through the vortex. In some cases, only ghosts, fairies, light orbs, or UFOs seem to be able to pass through physically.

Janus, guardian of portals

With PortalQuest, a new venture I’ve initiated, we do in-depth research and go on exciting adventures in search of these portals. I became interested in portals in 2002, when a spirit on a ouija board predicted that I would some day discover an entrance to the legendary underground kingdom of Agartha. Now, for PortalQuest, I and my friends will pursue both scientific and subjective evidence of the existence of portals, and the hidden kingdoms they lead to. Ultimately, we seek to be the first modern “portalnauts” to pass through a portal physically and successfully document the journey. There are three main types of portals: natural, magical, and artificial, which I shall explain below.

Portal Type 1: Natural

These are portals that exist naturally at sacred sites all over the world. They are believed to be the intersection-point of energy lines generated by the hidden forces of the Earth. At these places, the “veil between the worlds” is thought to be thinner, allowing for inter-dimensional penetration. These portals are often located within caverns or tunnels, in groves, or underneath the roots of large trees. In folklore and myth, lakes and wells frequently serve as portals, or can transform into them at certain times. Sometimes portals are rumored to be in the middle of some expansive, remote location, like in a large forest, desert, or ocean, such as in the Bermuda Triangle.

Portal Type 2: Magical

These are doorways that have been deliberately created or opened by shamans, priests and magicians through prayer and ritual. Thus many of the megalithic temple sites sacred mounds of the ancient world were believed to be portals. They were variously thought to have either been built on top of natural openings, or created entirely through magical rituals. The Celts of what is now Britain and France use to build “portal tombs,” a.k.a. “cromlechs” or “dolmens,” which included doorways to allow departed spirits to travel to the land of the dead. The Egyptians sometimes included such portals in their funerary pyramids.

Many “portals to Hell” can be found throughout Europe and North America, rumored to have been opened by witches during rituals. Often the locations of these portals are haunted by severe demonic and ghostly activity. In folklore, any mirror could be turned into a “magic mirror” through witchcraft, and be used as a portal to the underworld. Chimneys were also thought to be a way of entering and exiting the fairy realm. Modern-day shamans and witches still claim to be able to create portals, or to detect and open existing ones.

Portal Type 3: Artificial

“Stargates” are portals that are said to lead to alternate dimensions, distant time periods, or faraway planets. The so-called “Gulf of Aden stargate,” rumored to exist off the coast of Yemen, is supposedly one such portal. It is believed to have been created by an alien civilization monitoring our own. Artificial-looking light phenomena have in recent years been observed in the sky all over the world forming spirals with so-called “wormholes” in the center. In some cases, UFOs have been seen passing through these sky portals.

This activity has been attributed variously to alien visitations, or to secret government experiments with Earth’s atmosphere and magnetosphere. The town of Hessdalen in Norway has been the site of strange lights in the sky regularly for over two decades now, and is believed by the local residents to be the location of a UFO portal. Flying craft have also been seen in other locations coming out of portals in the ocean, and up from the ground.

Hidden Kingdoms

Hidden kingdoms are bubbles in space-time which can reportedly be accessed through invisible portals. Some of these are said to exist underground, or within mountains, although they cannot normally be seen by the naked eye. For instance, the mythical underground kingdoms of Shamballah and Agartha can supposedly be accessed by portals. Hidden kingdoms are also said to exist within jungles, under the ocean, or on magical islands that are invisible until you pass through a portal. Often, people who go to these lands experience an altered sense of the passage of time, or none at all.

Behold the Portal

Cross-Phenomenal Activity

Eyewitness accounts of modern day portals, as well as older examples from folklore and ancient myth, confirm that they are associated with several types of paranormal phenomenon. Ghost, fairies, angels, demons, UFOs, and even Sasquatches have been seen coming through portals. Known portal locations are also frequently haunted by one or more of the above entities. Often the location is marked by the apparition of a strange mist, cloud, or fog. Of course, by definition, portals exist wherever so-called “apports” occur (usually associated with poltergeists), in which objects appear from out of nowhere or disappear into nothing. The phenomenon most commonly associated with portals is the manifestation of floating orbs of light.

In addition, it is rumored that sometimes both magical and technological processes are used simultaneously to artificially create or open portals. Famous astrophysicist Jack Parsons purportedly used a conjunction of rocket science and black magic to open a portal for demons to enter the world. A similar combination of magic and science may have been used by the beings known as the “Annunaki,” who allegedly created stargates in ancient Mesopotamia, where they were worshiped as gods.

Portals are Everywhere

The Portaling Process

Pre-Quest Research: Locations of known portals are identified, and the background investigated. Local experts, preferably eyewitnesses of portal phenomena, are contacted and interviewed. If possible, a local guide to the location is drafted for the adventure.

The Quest: This is the process of traveling to, in, and around the chosen portal site. This may involve attempting to identify the exact location of the portal, through both psychic and scientific means. It will also include attempting to open the portal, or to verify that it is already open. It may even involve the deliberate summoning, through spiritual action, of the phenomena associated with that particular portal, whether it be ghosts, demons, magical beings, UFOs, mysterious lights, etc.

a) Portal Detection Devices: On each quest, a variety of scientific equipment will be used to detect the presence of an inter-dimensional aperture: an EMF (electromagnetic frequency) detector, a thermometer, a barometer, an air ion counter, a video camera with night vision, a heat-sensing FLIR camera, a motion detector, an infrared thermal scanner, and omni-directional microphones. Any anomalous atmospheric changes, apparitions, or or EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) will be recorded for later analysis.

b) Portal Enhancement Devices: EM (electromagnetic) pumps can be used to flood the area with electromagnetic energy, making if easier for the portal to open. It also makes it easier for any entities coming through the portal, such as ghosts, fairies, or light orbs, to manifest themselves, since they need an energy base to draw from.

c) Spiritual Guidance: For every adventure, a spirit guide will join the quest. This person will in each case be an experienced, respected psychic, shaman or priest. He or she will use intuitive powers, as well as oracular devices like dowsing rods, ouija boards, runes, tarot, etc, to identify the location of the portal. The spirit guide may also attempt to open the portal through prayer or ritual. While there, he or she will speak to the spirit guardians of the portal to try to evoke EVP messages and visible manifestations.

Post-Quest Analysis: This involves studying the evidence gathered, including the video and audio recordings, to make an objective determination about whether or not a true portal encounter has taken place. Sightings caught on camera will be examined to see if they are tricks of light or genuine phenomena. Audio will be listened to carefully for EVP messages. Meter readings will be collected and compared to normal readings from other locations to decide whether or not any genuine anomalies have been sighted.


(1) the famous “UFO portal” at Hessdalen, Norway; (2) the “gateway to Hell” at Houska Castle near Prague in the Czech Republic; (3) the “portal to Hell” at Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder, Kentucky; (4) Boynton Canyon, one of several so-called “vortex” sites in Sedona, Arizona; (5) Mount Shasta, California, alleged location of a portal to the “hollow Earth”; (6) Glastonbury Tor in England, supposed portal to the hidden island of Avalon; (7) the so-called “fairy mounds” of Newgrange, Ireland, doorways to the mythical land of Elphame; (8) the ancient haunted “fairy chimneys” of Cappadocia, Turkey; (9) Mount Kailish, Tibet, supposed location of “Heaven’s Gate”; (10) the Externsteine rock formation in Germany, where two pillars mark a doorway to the “Otherworld” (11) the blue holes of Bermuda, rumored gateways for inter-portal sea monsters; (12) Tzibichen Cenote, Mexico, believed by the ancient Mayans to be a portal to the underworld; and (13) the “Puerta de Hayu Marca” in southern Peru, alleged to be an ancient stargate.

We already have several PortalQuests mapped out and planned for 2012. We will tell you more about how you can participate in the coming weeks.

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