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TRACY R. TWYMAN | Regnum in Potentia Part III: Hero’s Journey to Hell

(Read Parts I and II.)

Former UFO Peggy Kane has a message for humanity: the gods just want to rape you and eat you. This is the rather sobering conclusion she has come to after countless hours of analyzing messages from beyond this earthly plane via EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) divination sessions. Anyone who has seen an episode of a modern ghost-hunting reality show knows that “EVPs” are messages that can be heard on either a digital or analog tape sound recording. People will record themselves talking to disembodied spirits and then play the recording back to hear the spirit’s reply, usually whispered and faint, as well as distorted-sounding.

Peggy Kane began doing this many years ago after a long career as a UFO expert. She used it as a way to contact extraterrestrial intelligences that allegedly resided in parallel dimensions. But then she decided to go a step forward. She applied a technique known “reverse speech analysis,” perfected by David John Oates. Allegedly, if you reverse a recording of someone talking, it will say something else that will reveal what the person was really thinking as he or she was speaking. If the message is congruent, they were being honest at the time. But frequently the perceived backwards message is something at variance with the initial message and allegedly reveals the truth that the speaker wishes to remain secret.

When Peggy Kane applied this technique to the ET EVPs she was recording, it painted a picture of reality that was totally different from what we perceive on the surface. It was a much more sinister view of our world, as well as the world beyond, and what happens to us when we die. UFO expert Linda Molton Howell once posited: “Could it be that death is the ultimate UFO abduction experience?” That is the conclusion that Peggy Kane has come to, and the intentions of our abductors are not nice at all, according to her.

Peggy says that our reality is being controlled from outside forces that do not have our best interests in mind. They are using both our bodies and souls for food, amusement, and scientific experimentation. Their world is what we consider to be the “astral realm” from our perspective over here. But when we leave our bodies to travel over there (which, she says, we do frequently), then it is perceived as a physical world just like our own. There are buildings, streets, factories, stores, and money being exchanged over there just like there is here. But the universe on the other side is ruled by a bloodthirsty race of Reptilians. The walk upright like humans. But that is where the similarity ends.

According to Peggy, the Reptilians keep humans in a 3rd-dimensional prison by the use of some sort of artificial force field called “the Net.” The situation is very similar to how the human slaves in the film The Matrix were kept by their robot overlords in little capsules floating in goo. There they were used as batteries and bled of their energy while they lived their lives in a computer-generated dream-world. While in this artificial prison, Peggy says that we are constantly being drained of both our physical and astral energy by our hidden masters. They are constantly sucking our soul energy, as well as our blood and other body fluids, and we are unaware of it. The soul energy is called “Loosh,” allegedly, and pre-adolescent children are the best source.

In order to feed off of us, Ms. Kane says the Reptilians sometimes possess our bodies, the way we think of demon possession. This is called “being seeded,” according to Peggy. They open portals or “mind gates” into the human psyche that allow them to whisper suggestions that result in altering the possessed person’s behavior according to the parasite’s wishes. This can then create whatever emotional response the parasite wishes to feed off of. If the Reptilian inside you really enjoys the emotions you give off when you are fighting with your boyfriend, then he will whisper suggestions to you that instigate these situations.

They also make direct use of your “astral body” on the other side, according to Peggy. As soon as people die, and their spirit travels to the other side, they are eaten, just like the worst sinners are depicted being eaten by the Devil in Dante’s Inferno. Peggy says that this is taking place even on supposedly “dead” planets in our own solar system. Ms. Kane says that Mars is a central hub for the trafficking of “astral body parts.”

But that’s perhaps not the worst of it. According to Peggy, the Reptilians make use of us sexually as well. “Reptilians pull people out of their bodies at night and rape them,” she says. “They do it to almost everybody,” both male and female. The purpose of this, she believes, is that it is another way of stealing our energy. “Rape is one of the ways they feed,” says Peggy. “They call that ‘alien honey.’”

Another reason for this rape is breeding, for according to Peggy, there are no new births on the other side. The babies are allegedly often taken by the Reptilians before they are born. At one point, she says, they made her pregnant and then pulled the fetus out in the middle of the night, leaving her in extreme physical pain. Some of these babies are eaten right away on the other side, and others are raised to be slaves of various sorts before being eventually eaten upon their astral death at the end.

Peggy says that many of the Reptilians delight in toying with psychics and channelers who attempt to contact the spiritual dimension. They play the roles of gods, guardian angels, familiar spirits, departed relatives, and whatever else the seeking person wishes to see. They set up situations where the people they contact agree to give them even more “loosh,” along with blood sacrifices, opportunities to possess human bodies, and sexual favors. However, this activity is also thought to be dangerous by the Reptilians in charge on the other side, so they try to restrict it. According to Peggy, “It’s illegal over there now to talk into a recorder.”

Peggy Kane appears to view all religions, cults, and spiritual movements as the result of such fraudulent contacts and seems to agree with my own assessment, which I have written about in several previous books (including http://quintessentialpublications.com/solomon.html and Hocus Pocus), describing such institutions as “spiritual pyramid schemes” for the benefit of the spiritual entities at the top. The “near-death experience is a ruse,” says Peggy. After our bodies are raped and eaten on the other side. She says they are brought back to Earth again for another round of life. According to Ms. Kane, reincarnation exists to keep us in “the game.”

Many will recognize Peggy Kane’s stories as having influenced the work of David Icke, who has posited that the world is run by multidimensional Reptoids who can shapeshift into human form. They do this, he says, by projecting a sort of hologram over their Reptilian skin. Icke believes that most of the powerful people on this Earth are actually Reptilians. He says that they can be traced back to certain aristocratic families that have ruled the Earth and interbred with one another since the beginnings of recorded history. Icke says that they belong to secret societies that worship Satan (as well as a host of pagan deities). They are involved in the widespread kidnapping, rape, and eating of people, especially children, which are all forms of sustenance that they need. Without blood and rape the Reptoids would not have the strength to hold their humanoid form, according to Icke.

This, of course, matches up in many ways with my own research. In my book The Merovingian Mythos, I trace the origins of both the religious traditions of Europe and the royal families of Europe to the alleged bloodline of Cain, which supposedly descended directly from the “serpent” in the Garden of Eden. I showed how ancient legends described these original god-kings as actually ruling on Earth directly, interbreeding with humans and ruling over them, until eventually the admixture of human and divine blood became so diluted that they now look like normal humans. I also wrote about the clues indicating that their serpent ancestors were trapped in a spiritual prison in the center of the Earth because of their crimes against God (among them, raping and eating humans). There they await eventual release by their human-hybrid descendants.

I furthermore quoted the work of one Nicholas de Vere, who writes about these royal bloodlines as ultimately descending from the “Dragon race” (from the Serpent of Eden). He claims to be a scion of one of their royal orders, the Dragon Court, and says that they have magical powers, belong to secret societies that conduct Satanic rituals (since Satan is their literal ancestor), retain their magical potency by drinking blood (particularly menstrual blood), and are sexually aggressive by nature. De Vere and his (now late) former research partner Laurence Gardner have been accused by David Icke of being shapeshifting reptiles themselves.

All of this stuff about shapeshifting reptiles from parallel dimensions has been nothing but an amusing urban legend to me for many years. But recent research into ancient mythology has caused me to reassess. Due to my discovery of certain patterns within these old myths, I am now inclined to believe that mankind has for some time been aware that his gods are feeding upon him in the otherworld, and have chosen to represent them in the form of bloodsucking reptiles.

Joseph Campbell was known for his brilliant analysis of universal themes in world mythology, which he wrote about in his book The Hero With a Thousand Faces. What Campbell was saying was not that every single myth tells the same story, but that there is one grand story, one “Monomyth” of which they are all a part, transcending and unifying them all. Like the tapestry woven by Penelope in Homer’s Odyssey, the story of the Monomyth can never be finished. For if it were ever completed, that would mean that the sacred king, the hero of the Monomyth, would have to be officially declared dead, lost in the Abyss, and all hope for the redemption of the kingdom would be gone.

So just as any individual novel, short story, or film might be part of a larger series, or the characters might all occupy the same fictional world as those of other, related works, the stories that our ancestors passed on through the generations are all part of the same Master Epic. However, because it takes place in a nonlocal Otherworld beyond time and space, each act of the play can have infinite variations in action and outcome, including the very identity of the characters involved and the alignment of their relationships to one another. In any given story you may either witness the journey to the Otherworld, and the return as well (the classic Hero’s Journey). Then again, you may only get to see the departure, or the return, outside of the context of the rest of the story. Or you may only get a fragment a story taking place within another dimension, without any backstory as to how the characters got into the Otherworld in the first place (as in the classic fairy tale that begins “Once upon a time …”)

But what does the Hero’s Journey actually mean? It has been interpreted as a form of initiation and soul transformation, like a coming-of-age morality tale, wherein one learns a lesson about personal growth and maturity. It can certainly be that if you want to see it that way. However, I am here to offer a more sinister interpretation, from the point of view of the person doing the initiating. Joseph Campbell said that the hero is always “called” to his adventure. He might well have considered who it is that is doing the calling, and under what motivation.

As I have established in earlier installments of this essay series, there is a theme in various myths of an initiator (Chronos, Venus, the Fisher King, etc) luring the main character of a story into his or her realm in the Otherworld. It is often presented as a chance for the hero to obtain a magical power of some sort, usually represented as either an artifact (a holy cup, lance, or stone) or a sacred substance (ambrosia, soma, nectar, or the alchemical elixir). Sometimes he sets off to save a woman who has been abducted by a god or demon for sexual purposes. Sometimes in the course of his journey he also finds himself being used for sex by a goddess or demoness.

The thesis I wish to put forward is that, in our most archetypal stories (from old folklore and mythology to fairy tales, and even modern TV show, films and novels), human beings tend to tell tales of adventures into another dimension, which seems conceptually to be one and the same with the realm of the dead, the astral realm, and the dreamy realm of sleep. But in each of these stories, the hero or heroine is in fact being enticed to sacrifice his or her life, including blood, flesh, and soul, to the inhabitants of the Otherworld (be they gods, demons, vampires, giants, or whatever). Their need to feast on these things is based on the fact that they have no life in themselves, so thus they have no blood, and no souls. This is not always overtly stated in the story, but is nonetheless frequently implied.

Sometimes the soul of the sacrificed is replaced by that of someone in the Otherworld, with the implication that this sacrifice is necessary so that someone in the Otherworld can experience life again. Sometimes it seems that a god or demon of the Otherworld is trying to possess the body of a living human through sexual union, either to inhabit the body of the lover, or to be incarnated through the child that is conceived by the union. Sometimes, quite frequently, there is a story element involving a child that is sacrificed so that the reign of the king or queen of the Otherworld can continue. Often the child sacrificed is the heir of the monarch, or someone else’s child is sacrificed as a substitute for the monarch’s son. Sometimes the hero or heroine is lured onto the adventure to rescue this child from certain death.

If the hero of the story is in fact a heroine, quite often she if overtly abducted and taken to the Otherworld, although she may be lured to a spot where she can be easily taken. This is the story of Persephone taken by Hades for his wife. Although this is referred to as the “rape” of Persephone, the word “rape” is related to “rapture” and meant “to be taken away” for the purposes of sex or marriage. Originally the word had nothing to do with the consent, or lack thereof, on the part of the female. The word later took on the meaning of “elicit sexual union” and generally referred to forbidden marriages between particular tribes (as the term is frequently used in the Bible). What it really referred to originally is a marriage between a mortal and a being from the other side.

The purpose of the hero or heroine being abducted or lured to the Otherworld is very sinister indeed. It really represents a person’s soul or astral body being projected from their physical body. Once this is done, the soul can become food for those on the other side, while the still animate body can be used as a vehicle for those spirits wishing to incarnate into the physical realm. The reason why the hero’s journey typically ends with “apotheosis,” the hero dying to his humanity and being reborn as an immortal, is because this is exactly what is being represented. The hero’s soul has disappeared into the Abyss and been replaced with that of an “immortal” from the Otherworld.

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