Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA

PROJECT MONARCH . . . "In the months preceding Sept. 11, 2001, the airwaves of cable news channels were filled with the saga of Congressman Gary Condit, and the cover-up of his affair with intern Chandra Levy. Levy disappeared on April 30, 2001 -- Walpurgisnacht -- the most sacred witch holiday on the calendar. Condit's not very forthcoming statements on the matter, coupled with the fact that Chandra appeared to be on her way to visit him on the night she disappeared, led to speculation that he was somehow involved with her kidnapping and/or death. . . This speculation reached a fevered pitch when bizarre details of Condit's sex life began to mount. 27 other women came forth claiming to have had sexual relations with the Congressman, including two woman (15 at the time), who claimed that he had volently raped them while still a State Assemblyman. Condit was described by one attorney involved in the case as "a serial predator of woman." One of the women, who met the leather-clad Condit at a biker convention, revealed that the Senator referred to his many ladies as his 'Sex Slaves.' She also said that he insisted on using code names with these women while talking on the phone, and refused to wear condoms, starting that "there's a cure for AIDS, anyway . . . Following the media blitz of the Clinton-Lewinski sex scandal, and then the Condit-Levy affair, many people began to wonder:why do so many men in positions of power require lots of sex with a variety of people? And where do such men get this sense of entitlement, this attitude that they should be continually provided with a harem of sexual servants, maintained, oftentimes, at taxpayers' expense? Few, if any journalists brought up the amazing similarity between the story of Gary Condit's Sex Slaves and the stories of dozens of men and women who claim to have been forced into sexual slavery for the wealthy and powerful by none other than our own Central Intelligence Agency, through an offshoot of the MK-ULTRA Mind Control program known as Project MONARCH." --By the author of Mind Controlled Sex Slaves of the CIA, Tracy R. Twyman

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