..and Who 'Suicided' Tracy R. Twyman?*

Sean Bryan Alger aka S.B. Alger "A Conspiracy Theories Expert".. Would Know.
Was Tracy Twyman an asset too?
Like Isaac Kappy?
"a dissociative identity disordered asset being used as a dead man walking"

Possessed Stalker S. B. Alger
Twitter S.B. Alger @sewneo:  Kyle Matovcik @KMatovcik  Who is the most intelligent person you know when it comes to Conspiracy theories? As in actually brings receipts.   Twitter S.B. Alger @sewneo:   Me
Stalker S. B. Alger
Reddit: sewneo (S.B. Alger):  "I just make sure they know I'm really crazy and dangerous too..."
Twitter S.B. Alger @sewneo:  Quoting:  Winter Watch @New_Nationalist:  Tools for Rebutting the Conspiracy-Theorist. Mental-Illness Gaslighting Slur  "Conspiracy Theorist: Nothing more than a derogatory title used to dismiss a critical thinker."
Discord Sever:  December 26, 2022 S.B. Alger 12/26/2022 7:38 AM God Bless you ALL for being willing to look and to participate in the scarry truths on the fringes of this realm:  @everyone: love ya'll!  Ó Cuinneagáin Émilie RIP Kappy and Tracy R Twyman  Satanic Pedos, Rapists, Killers and/or Cannibals  1. Seth Green 2. James Gun 3. Steven Spielberg  4. Tom Hanks 5. Steven Colbert  6. Jimmy Kimmel 7. Barack Obama 8. Kevin Spacey 9. Kathy Griffin 10. Oprah Winfrey 11. Beyonce Knowles 12. Anthony Kiedis 13. John Legend  14. Chrissy Teigen 15. Joe Biden 16. John McCain 17. John Podesta 18. Hilary Clinton 19. Bill Clinton 20. Chelsea Clinton 21. Alec Baldwin 22. Robert Downey Jr 23. Quentin Tarantin 24. Meryl Streep 25. Demi Moore 26. Ben Affleck  27. John Cusack 28. James Frenco 29. Charlie Sheen 30. Anderson Cooper  @SPACE DADDY MEMES  Isaac Kappy spoke out against many people before he mysteriously "committed suicide". Kappy said the names listed above are elite members who are involved in human trafficking, satanic torture, and cannibalism. Right before his death, Kappy claimed that 'they' would try to kill him and that he wasn't suicidal whatsoever!
Discord: S.B. Alger "I added the Juice" | Demonstrating Antisemitism
Discord, S.B. Alger:  We've seen half a dozen things since Tracy's passing that let us know she was way too far/deep into their plan... I don't wanna list them right now--but--I think they "had to take her out" because she was gonna fuck up their scripted BS.
Discord: S.B. Alger "S.B. Alger reacted with :heartpluse:" | Demonstrating Antisemitism