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  • Twyman on with Alex Ansary again

    I was on Outside the Box with Alex Ansary again. This time it was the radio version of the program, on the Oracle Broadcasting Network. This aired on November 7, 2009. We talked about the economy, health care, and the USA as a privately owned corporation. I mentioned that the health care takeover was, in [...]


  • The Matron and the Maiden: Baphomet Series #6

    The legend of Lilith becomes even more complex when we learn that, according to the kabbalists, there are in fact two Liliths: Lilith the Matron and Lilith the Maiden. The latter is described as the “slave” or “handmaiden” or the former. Lilith the Matron is said to be both the mate of Samael, and of [...]


  • Queen of the Night: Baphomet Series #5

    There are other interpretations of the hermaphroditic first man in Genesis besides the concept of Adam Kadmon. But to understand them, we need to understand the figure of Lilith, who, according to kaballistic legend, existed prior to the creation of Eve, and was Adam’s first lover. Her name means “spirit of night.” As the story [...]


  • A Tale of Two Adams (and Two Eves): Baphomet Series #4

    In The Book of Genesis there are a number of mysteries that have always puzzled scholars and vexed religious apologists. One of the most bothersome issues occurs right in the first two chapters. It appears that there are two separate tellings of the creation of the human race! The first version can be found in [...]


  • The Consort of God: Baphomet Series #3

    The word “gnosis” is Greek for knowledge, and is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “knowledge of spiritual matters; mystical knowledge.” Meanwhile, “Gnosticism” is generally said to have been a spiritual movement in which this idea of “spiritual knowledge” or “divine wisdom” was considered the ideal goal of the spiritual practitioner. These cults prevailed mainly throughout [...]


  • The Baptism of Wisdom: Baphomet Series #2

    The Oxford English Dictionary says that the first appearance of the name “Baphomet” in English was in the book The View of the State of Europe During the Middle Ages by Henry Hallam, published in 1818. Here the word was described as “an early French corruption of ‘Mahomet’,” the name of the Muslim prophet, more [...]


  • Pacts with the Devil: Baphomet Series #1

    Sodomy. Infanticide. Kissing a goat’s behind. Spitting and urinating on the Cross. Invoking the Devil. Worshipping a demonic idol. Denying Christ, the Virgin, the Saints, and God himself. These confessions of blasphemy, heresy, witchcraft and sexual perversion may seem like rubbish, brought about under the brutal interrogation techniques of the 14th century. But some of [...]


  • Twyman Live at Dante’s Inferno, Monday, October 19th

    I will be interviewed live on stage for “Ground Zero” with Clyde Lewis on Monday the 19th, 8 PM at Dante’s Inferno, SW 1st and Burnside, Portland, OR. (This is a retry for the interview that was supposed to happen last Monday.) We’re going to talk about Hocus Pocus: The Magical Power of St. Peter, [...]


  • Tracy R. Twyman on Outside the Box with Alex Ansary

    This happened two weeks ago but I forgot to announce it here: I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on the local TV show Outside the Box with Alex Ansary tonight. My friend Mike Schultz (of the TV show Odyssey) was kind enough to introduce me.


  • The US Dollar, Freemasonry, and Solomon’s Temple: Amazing New Discoveries

    There are a few discoveries that I have made about the US one-dollar bill since writing my 2005 book Solomon’s Treasure: The Magic and Mystery of America’s Money. At the time of writing it, I made several conceptual connections between the US dollar and the “Shekel of the Sanctuary” used in ancient Israel, and the [...]


  • Tracy R. Twyman on Paranormal Cafe w/ Robert Simcox

    I’ll be on this show tomorrow from 2:30-4:30 PM PST: [LINK]


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