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Blood Libel and the Dawn of Ophiuchus

Tonight I will once again be on the Ground Zero radio show with Clyde Lewis. Sarah Palin has brought the term “blood libel” to public consciousness again Clyde wants to explore exactly what this term refers to, and the symbolic implications thereof.

This grows out of a conversation that Clyde and I had a few weeks ago before my most recent appearance on his show on the 26th of December. That show was about the feast day of Childermass (celebrating the fabled Massacre of the Innocents that allegedly occurred after the birth of Christ.) I have written in my latest book, Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge, about the symbolism of child sacrifice and brephophagy (eating of babies) in medieval alchemical manuscripts. In alchemy this is symbolized by Saturn, who in Roman myth was said to have swallowed his own children. Alchemists such as Fulcanelli and Flamel referred the the story of the Massacre of the Innocents as being a metaphor for Saturn’s story.

In my book I took this further and connected it with the most basic concept in the history of religion: the sacrifice of the first-born. Since time immemorial, people have believed that there was a spiritual requirement to sacrifice their own children, to win blessings and avoid curses. As I demonstrated in my writing, the idea of money has its genesis in this concept as well, as it was originally a token representing sacrifices that were made in the temples of the ancient world. I also showed how the modern international monetary system now runs entirely on fuel provided by child sacrifice, both metaphorical and actual.

Now there is one obvious connection here that I consciously chose not to delve into because of its controversial nature. I know that people tend to skim articles on the internet rather than actually reading them, see what they expect to see based on their prejudices, and then react to that false perception rather than what the page actually says. But folk legends, even racist conspiracy theories, contain archetypes that reveal the nature of the culture they come from. So it is interesting to note that in Western culture, from medieval to modern times (although thankfully less so now), the Jewish culture has always been the target of two very vicious urban legends 1) that a Jewish conspiracy is responsible for the invention and maintenance of our modern criminal banking system, and 2) that they sacrificed Christian babies at Passover, and turned their blood into matzo.

Jews allegedly sacrificing a baby for Passover, using the blood for matzo

I believe the true origin of this concept lies in the fact that alchemists who writing in coded manuscripts about the process of creating the Philosopher’s Stone, using cryptic language. In these they described what I talk about in Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge: sacrificing a baby, dismembering it, then reconstituting it as the Philosopher’s Stone, which is then eater. Since so many of the alchemists were Jews, and since they wrote in coded language, it is understandable that outsiders would have thought these were references to mainstream Jewish rituals, not the practices of obscure hidden cults or secret societies. Eliphas Levi seems to make this connection in Magic: A History of Its Rites, Rituals, and Mysteries, where he writes of Gilles de Rais, the mass-child-murdering Satanist and alchemist, that:

That which Gilles de Laval shrank from was confessing that he sought the Philosophical Stone in the blood of murdered children, and that it was covetousness which drove him to this monstrous debauchery. On the faith of his necromancers he believed that the universal agent of life could be suddenly coagulated by the combined action and reaction of outrage on Nature and murder. He collected afterwards the iridescent film which forms on blood as it turned cold; he subjected it to various fermentations, digested the product in the philosophical egg of the athanor, combining it with salt, sulphur and mercury. He had doubtless derived his recipe from some of those old Hebrew Grimoires which, had they been known at the period, would have been sufficient to call down on Jewry at large the execration of the whole earth. Persuaded, as they were, that the act of human impregnation attracts and coagulates the Astral Light in its reaction by sympathy on things subjected to the magnetism of man, the Israelitish sorcerers had plunged into those enormities of which Philo accuses them, as quoted by the astrologer Gaffarel.

Amazingly, the symbolism carries through to our other topic of conversation tonight: Ophiuchus, now being proclaimed as the “new” astrological sign for a new zodiac that supposedly is now necessary because of what seems like a relatively minor magnetic pole shift that recently occurred. The news media is suddenly announcing that the zodiac is not accurate (something that’s been true for thousands of years) so that we now must add a thirteenth sign.

Long-time followers of my work will recall that this is all something I wrote about quite extensively in my article The Cutting of the Orm, published in Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine in 2002. In it I actually predicted that future reform of the zodiac and annual calendar would come about after a pole shift, in which a thirteenth house would be added to the zodiac, and a thirteenth month added to the year. In my view, small adjustments to the Earth’s axis and rotation could result in a point at which the solar year of 365 days could be matched up with the lunar year of 364 (consisting of 13 months of exactly 28 days each to form a so-called “aliquot calendar.” I said that the gravitational pull of the moon might eventually being this about. This is exactly what is now happening.

But it is being done artificially. The pole shift could have easily been ignored. But for some reason scientists, and the media, have decided that now is that time to change the zodiac. I think it’s likely that, as we approach 2012, the powers that be are looking for a way of proclaiming a new age, and radically changing our perception of time. They may be looking to change other fundamental systems as well.

On December 23rd, 2012, the Federal Reserve System will be exactly 99 years old. In the US, 99 years is the maximum length of time a business contract can last without having to be renewed. It seems likely that the Federal Reserve may be put to death finally now, to make room for a new global reserve currency. Is it not possible that the new monetary system is meant to be ushered in along with a new calendar, which will be universally adopted for the purposes of international commerce? Is this why the one-dollar Federal Reserve Note features a mystical seal on the back that says, in Latin, “New Order of the Ages” (Novus Order Seclorum), and contains 13 hidden instances of the use of the number 13?

Ophiuchus, also called Serpentarius, is associated with the Mesopotamian god, Sagimu, the God of Invocation. The Greeks thought of him as one and the same with Asclepius, the god of healing, who could raise the dead with his magic rod, upon which a snake was entwined. His sacred animal was the cock, the creature who announces the dawn of a new day.

An alternate spelling of Asclepius is Esculpian, which comes from the Latin words for “food” and “stone.” This brings to mind the story of Saturn or Cronos swallowing his own children, and his son Zeus tricking him into swallowing a stone instead. Zeus is said to have killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt as a punishment for the fact that he used his magic rod to raise from the dead someone whose body had been hewn into many pieces. This is just like the body of Mercury is hewn into pieces and then revived in the art of alchemy.

According to one source, the, snake between the feet of Ophiuchus could also be thought of as an umbilical cord, and Ophiuchus himself might be a fetus. He is also called the “Winged Somnus” - that is, he who brings sleep, a hypnotist. Somnus was said to be a baby sleeping in a palace within a dark cave where the sun is never seen. Author Anne Wright points out that a fetus spends its life in a somnambulistic state in the cave-like womb.

Another word for this constellation is Anguis. That’s a word indicating something that is part snake. Since his sacred animal is the cock, I am reminded of the so-called Anguipede, the cock-headed god of the gnostics, Abraxas, which had legs made of serpents. He is sometimes called Alpheichius, which contains the word Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

Abraxas the Anguipede

What we have here is a meme embodying the concept of a sacrificial victim, a fetus, who is killed and then ritually reborn, phoenix-like, as a way of initiating a new age. I think this is why Ophiuchus is being trotted out now as the new zodiac sign: so that the calendar and the monetary system can be changed suddenly on a global scale, to bring us into a new era.

More on this in the coming weeks.

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