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Invisible Hand Episode 21: Delia Lopez CampaignUpdate


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This episode of The Invisible Hand features part 1 of my essay, Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge. Included as well is a follow-up interview with Delia Lopez, the Republican nominee for the Portland area Congressional District in Oregon.

Also, here are some of the news stories included in this edition of the podcast:

  • The peasants are revolting! At least that’s what it seemed like Wednesday morning when a crowd of 8000-10,000 gathered at the Tri-Cities Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia, and fights broke out. They were all there to apply for Section 8 vouchers. The crowd had been amassing since Monday, and at a certain point, the police decided to dispatch a riot squad. It was shortly after this that the civil unrest began. When officials handing out the applications moved to another location on the premises, the crowd rushed to get to the new location, and people were trampled. Another similar problem occurred later when the line was finally closed off. Only a few people were treated for injuries, mostly heat-related.

  • It looks like barter and alternative currencies are beginning to catch on everywhere, even in the Axis of Evil. North Korea has just made an unusual offer to the Czech Republic to settle an old debt: ginseng. However, as the Financial Times reports, the root, which purportedly improves energy, sex drive, and memory, is not consumed in sufficient quantities by Czechs to warrant the receipt of 20 tons of it, which is what $10 million dollars worth of ginseng amounts to. However, they area willing to accept a commodity of some sort, such as zinc, which has already been suggested.

    The debt between the two countries dates back to the time of communist Czechoslovakia, which used to keep North Korea supplied with armaments. With the latest wave of economic sanctions against North Korea, following their alleged attack on a South Korean warship in March, they have found it extremely difficult to make their payments to their creditors, which is why they are getting so creative these days.

  • According to the Daily Mail, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization is telling people to eat bugs in order to cut their consumption of meat. The group has issued a report stating that cows and pigs take too many resources to rear and have too much of an impact on the environment. Instead, they suggest that, like 80% of the world’s population we should all get our protein from beetles, ants, and scorpions, which, the report insists, are “highly nutritious,” and much more energy-efficient to raise. Of course, about 80% of the world’s population also lives on less than $1 a day, which is undoubtedly very green as well. The fact that the UN is suggesting that we eat insects proves that David Icke was right all along: the globalist elites are reptiles.

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