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TRACY R. TWYMAN | Invisible Hand Episode 11: Interview with Rae Nadler-Olenick of Fluoride-Free Austin

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This episode of The Invisible Hand features my recent interview with
Rae Nadler-Olenick, from Fluoride-Free Austin, which describes itself “as an alliance of concerned citizens from all walks of life united behind the goal of eliminating the dangerous and costly practice of community water fluoridation.”

Also, here are some of the news stories included in this edition of the podcast:

  • The world is awakening to the existence of the Bilderberg group. This year’s 4-day conference is just finishing up right now in Sitges, Spain, and is being met with the largest media coverage and protests ever. The controversial annual meeting of the most powerful people in the Western world includes heads of state, finance ministers, European royalty, CEOs of the largest multi-national corporations and top representatives of news media. Topics of discussion at the conference, as well as the guest list, are held to the highest level of secrecy, and literally billions of dollars is spent by the host country each year to provide top security, including militarized police in full riot gear. However, both the guest list and the topics of discussion are usually leaked by insiders each year to certain alternative news reporters, including Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin. And while the mainstream media is represented at the conference, they too remain under the vow of secrecy, which is why the very existence of the Bilderberg group is traditionally never discussed by any of the major news networks or newspapers.

    However, this year, following the wild adventure had by London Guardian reporter Charlie Skelton, who was arrested last year for trying to cover the conference in Greece, several foreign news outlets have reported on it. This week the Independent in London ran a story titled What are the Bilderberg Group really doing in Spain? The Guardian sent Charlie Skelton to the event again to do a daily “Bilderblog,” and he managed to get arrested straightaway, placed in a “mobile detention vehicle” merely for the crime of standing on the sidewalk outside of where the conference is taking place. The TV news network Russia Today has been doing multiple updates per day on the conference, and interviewing dozens of Bilderberg experts. And the Drudge Report has linked to a PrisonPlanet.com story that gives comprehensive coverage of the subject, and even includes shocking information about Bill Gates, who is at the conference to discuss the subject of vaccines. As the article points out, Gates recently remarked that airborne vaccines, of unknown type, inflicted upon the public without their consent, could and should be engineered for the purposes of population control. But the main topic of discussion for most people at the conference will be the financial crisis in Europe, and whether or not the Eurozone should be allowed to collapse.

    An even more significant development, perhaps, is that Daniel Estulin, who recently wrote a book about Bilderberg that is now being made into a major Hollywood film, was invited by a European Minister of Parliament to give a presentation about the Bilderberg Group to the EU Parliament just as the conference in Spain was kicking off. This he did, no doubt fully aware of the irony that several of the people in the room with him were actually members of the organization and would be flying there later to attend it.

  • In other news, the oil spill in the Gulf continues to worsen, as BP continues to struggle for some way of capping it. Meanwhile, more and more fishermen in the area are becoming ill, even though both British Petroleum and the Environmental Protection Agency continue to insist that it’s safe to work there. However, Kindra Arnesen, wife of fisherman David Arnesen, was interviewed by CNN in a piece aired June 3rd, reporting that her husband and his coworkers were all becoming severely ill. The symptoms she reported included extreme dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and shortness of breath. According to her, the fishermen also reported being overwhelmed by a noxious smell coming off of the water. Ms. Arnesen says that fishermen and other workers in the area are reluctant to report their experiences to the media because of the power that BP has locally. When questioned, BP CEO Tony Hayward blamed the reported symptoms on possible “food poisoning”, and denied any connection to the oil spill.
  • Finally, Hungary became the latest European country to face a currency crisis on Friday after the deputy chairman of the governing party in that country announced on Thursday that the nation was in the midst of a massive deficit problem similar to that currently afflicting Greece. Hungary’s budget gap, according to the new government, is actually twice that which was being reported by the country’s old government. The new government was just sworn in on Saturday, and immediately declared what the Associated Press reports as “a massively revised budget gap [that] was eerily similar to the situation in Greece.” This is because Greece’s current budget crisis, credit crisis, currency crisis, and resulting social unrest were unleashed following a similarly dramatic revision by a newly-sworn in government of the country’s fiscal deficit, and the announcement that the previous government had been essentially lying about the state of their financial situation. Hungary’s current ruling party is quoted as saying that now “skeletons are falling out of the closet,” and this new crisis will only further strain the already weak Euro, said to be on the very edge of complete collapse.

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