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  • Tracy R. Twyman on Spectrum Radio

    Here I am on Spectrum Radio with Scott Jordan talking about Alchenomics. Read about this stuff in my book Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge


  • Administration in Wonderland

    What if I should fall right through the center of the Earth and end up on the other side, where everything is upside-down? - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll The news this morning was awash with a story taken from the new biography The Obamas by Jodi Kantor, in which the author reveals [...]


  • Tracy R. Twyman talks about the 2012 Apocalypse meme on Ground Zero

    Here I am on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis on December 30th, talking about the Apocalypse, chaos, and the Eternal Return. Happy New Year everyone!


  • From Chaos Reborn: The New Year, 2012, and the Eternal Return

    By Brian Albert and Tracy R. Twyman In both The Sacred and the Profane, as well as his book Cosmos and History: The Myth of the Eternal Return, Mircea Eliade argues that the holy places of cultures throughout the world were built to embody or mimic the archetype of the “primordial mountain” (the axis mundi), [...]


  • Nonaggression, with Twyman, Molyneux

    Presenting Nonaggression, a short film by Tracy R. Twyman, featuring Stefan Molyneux of Original interview with Twyman & Molyneux from October 16th here. Other Sources used: Prelinger Archives (Government-Sponsored Educational Films): • The Bully, Centron Productions, 1952 • Why We Respect the Law, Coronet Instructional Films, 1950 • Powers of Congress, Coronet Instructional Films, [...]


  • Invisible Hand SE2EP2: Ron Patton of Conspirazine

    Tracy R. Twyman interviews Ron Patton of Conspirazine and Paranoia Magazine about mind control and child sexual abuse in regards to MK-ULTRA and the Penn State scandal.


  • Tracy R. Twyman back on The Stench of Truth

    I was on The Stench of Truth again this week with Ted Torbich talking about a variety of mythical and metaphysical concepts.


  • Introducing PortalQuest with Tracy R. Twyman

    For eons, mankind has known of the existence of portals: dimensional doorways between our world and other realms. Sometimes these portals also form pathways between distant points in space within our own world, or even between different points in time. Also called vortices or gateways, portals are oftentimes closed except for certain people, or at [...]


  • Invisible Hand Episode 1 — Michael Shanklin

    Michael Shanklin, activist and writer, joins Tracy R. Twyman for a discussion of the philosophy of Voluntaryism.


  • Jesse Ventura interviews Tracy R. Twyman for Conspiracy Theory

    I just got back from being interviewed by Jesse Ventura for his Conspiracy Theory show. The topic of the interview is still a guarded secret. It took place right before his recent press conference about the TSA lawsuit, and then I had lunch with him right after. It was an interesting, fun time!


  • Regnum in Potentia Part III: Hero’s Journey to Hell?

    (Read Parts I and II.) Former UFO Peggy Kane has a message for humanity: the gods just want to rape you and eat you. This is the rather sobering conclusion she has come to after countless hours of analyzing messages from beyond this earthly plane via EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) divination sessions. Anyone who has [...]


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