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Pirate Bay Sells Out to Global Gaming Factory

By Tracy R Twyman

From Switched.com:

The Pirate Bay has been bought out by European Internet café company Global Gaming Factory and will be adopting a pay model in the near future. When faced with the legal wrath of the entertainment industry, the popular torrent-sharing site once adopted a devil-may-care attitude and brushed off lawsuits like they were nothing. Not… »

Pirate Party Victory in Europe

By Tracy R Twyman

From Reuters:

Sweden’s Pirate Party, striking a chord with voters who want more free content on the Internet, won a seat in the European Parliament, early results showed on Sunday.

The Pirate Party captured 7.1 percent of votes in Sweden in the Europe-wide ballot, enough to give it a single seat. The party wants to deregulate copyright,… »

Pirate Bay Trial Judge Corruption Scandal

By wermyapl

Turns out that the judge in the trial is a member of two copyright protection organizations, and is a sitting board member of one of them. Can anyone say conflict of interest?

Hopefully this gets the whole verdict thrown out and the defendants won’t have to suffer for something that wasn’t illegal under Swedish law. It’s… »

Pirate Bay Founders Get 1 Year in Prison and $3.6m Fine

By wermyapl

Pirate Bay four jailed for breaking copyright in Swedish file-sharing trial

The founders of file-sharing website The Pirate Bay have been sentenced to a year in jail in Sweden for breaking copyright laws by helping millions of users download music, movies and computer games for free.

Experts believe the ruling could be the first step towards… »

The Tyrannicam: Personal Handheld Anti-Tyranny Device

When tyranny strikes, be ready to record and expose it.

Political Pink Slip Postcards: Fire Your Representatives!