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Lou Dobbs 2006: NAFTA highway business interests force US to keep borders open during future swine flu pandemics

By Tracy R Twyman

I found this by accident yesterday. At the closed and almost secret Security and Prosperity Partnership meetings between Bush and leaders from Canada and Mexico, where they hammered out the deal for the so-called “NAFTA highway” through Mexico, the US and Canada, Lou Dobbs reported back in 2006 that “business interests” forced the US to… »

World currency waiting in the wings after G20

By Tracy R Twyman

From the Telegraph:
“SDRs are Special Drawing Rights, a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund that has lain dormant for half a century.” …
The Russians had hoped their idea to develop SDRs as a full reserve currency to challenge the dollar would make its way on to the agenda, but at least they… »

The Tyrannicam: Personal Handheld Anti-Tyranny Device

When tyranny strikes, be ready to record and expose it.

Political Pink Slip Postcards: Fire Your Representatives!