So here’s the thing about the Occupy Wall Street protest …

September 26, 2011

Protesting Gets Results

It’s absolutely true that people, especially the youth, should be upset at both the government and the financial elite. Their entire future has been destroyed by these people. They have been sold into slavery by their elders, and they are not getting any of the benefit. It is going to take a revolution to change the situation so that they are no longer slaves and have a chance to make their own future.

Unfortunately, that’s not what most of these people are protesting for. Most of them are Socialists and Communists. They want MORE slavery. They are begging the slave masters to increase their rations. Most of them are protesting capitalism. Most of them are protesting the concept of private property, and they want to change the existing system only slightly, so that they get to keep larger amounts of the capital gains from their own enslavement.

I have no doubt that there is and will continue to be a major backlash amongst leftists as the effects of Wall Street’s fraud and the banksters’ larceny, facilitated by government, continue to take shape in the form of austerity measures. These people believe that the free market is to blame for what has happened.

Of course this is the direct result of a completely rigged market. There was never anything free about it. The government has granted the Federal Reserve a monopoly on the issuance of currency and the regulation of its quantity, which determines its value. The government has opted the country into an international system of trade and finance where an elite circle of unelected bureaucrats decide what countries will export which products to whom, and at what price. The government decides the price of labor and the conditions under which it can be rendered. The Fed loans money to banks at 0% interest and the government encourages them to use it to pump up the stock market, where 70% of trades are done via computers trading shares back and forth multiple times per second, rigging the price of each stock with precision.

There is no proper measure of the amount of wealth that has been fraudulently extracted from the individuals who live in this country. It’s impossible to quantify where the other 95% of the value of the US dollar has gone in the last century. What does it mean that most taxpayers spend a third of the year working to pay income taxes, and that’s not including the sales taxes and licensing fees that everybody pays? What does it mean that now two or more incomes are required to achieve a subsistence standard of living that was formerly achievable with just one income? What does it mean that we once had billions of dollars of gold bullion circulating as money that was confiscated by the government and given to foreign banks? What does it mean that the property that people live on was mortgaged with money created from thin air, and that each property has probably been sold to several lenders, neither of whom has any real right to own the property, because they haven’t tendered any valuable consideration? What does it mean that most of the manufacturing in this country has been relocated elsewhere by an international body that was created to fairly regulate international trade?

These are the questions that any self-respecting revolutionary should be asking, but I’m not going to hold my breath and wait for the folks currently “occupying Wall Street” to figure it out. They’re too busy obsessing on how much money CEOs make, how much they spend on vacations and fine dining. They don’t care about how that wealth was stolen. What they care about is that someone else has something that they don’t have, and that bothers them. So instead of destroying the inherently broken and immoral system of slavery and larceny, they just want someone to rig it in their favor. They want more useless jobs created for the public sector and government-granted monopolies. They want free food and free health care from the government. They want higher taxes for the rich. They actually think that will solve everything.

The fact is that if you continue this relationship where you have to have a hippy dippy protest march demanding things from the government every time you need a raise all you are doing is perpetuating your own enslavement. The way to fight the system is not to demand another system, which will inevitably continue to enslave you, but to remove yourself from the system as much as possible. The answer is not to throw a tantrum and demand more attention, but to simply stop giving them your attention. Stop treating them like they are your masters, because that is the reason why they are your masters.

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