WHO RUN THE WORLD? Beyonce video accurately predicts civil unrest in Georgia

June 12, 2011

Strange symbolism in Beyonce’s latest song and video seems to be connected to riots in Tbilisi, Georgia that broke out within a week of the video’s premiere. How, I don’t know. I’m just sayin’.

Beyonce recently appeared at the Billboard Music Awards, performing the song “Who Run the World.” Her performance was full of occult symbolism, like so much of Beyonce’s work, and indeed, so many other pop stars today. Many analyses have been done of this by others that I won’t repeat. You can find them on YouTube. (Check out this person’s interpretation of Beyonce’s alter ego “Sasha Fierce.”) But I caught a few screen shots from this latest video that I thought worthy of sharing. (Please ignore the black line down the middle. That is an artifact that got stuck in there with the YouTube upload but was not part of the actual performance that aired on television).

Beyonce dances beneath the elephant god

Throughout the video, Beyonce dances in front of a triangle with Egyptian-style moves as she explains “Who Run the World” (“girls,” according to the song). Only for a brief split second in the middle of the performance is this image from the one-dollar bill flashed onto the triangle. It isn’t the pyramid from the back of the bill. It’s the number 1 and word “one” from the corners of the bill. These are the only motifs actually from the one-dollar bill. But their appearance here, as well as the color of the triangle being the same as a dollar bill, are clearly meant to cause the viewer to connect the triangle with the pyramid on the back of the dollar. The rest is stylized. The dual letters “A” on each side could be a reference to the secret society Astrum Argentum (the Order of the Silver Star), started by Aleister Crowley.

Beyonce shows people who runs the world


My persuasion
Can build a nation
Endless power
Our love we can devour
You’ll do anything for me

Here’s the video of the Billboard Awards performance:

Now let’s move to the the official music video for this song. It includes Beyonce leading an army of women, seemingly in confrontation against an army of riot control cops. However, the women also dance seductively with the cops, and at the end of the video, the women salute them. At times in the video, the cop car can be seen sitting behind the line of dancing women, indicating that it actually belongs to them.

On the police car there is a logo consisting of a thorny-looking pentagon. This is actually the logo for the American University in Cairo, which supplied many of the men and women who protested in Tahrir Square this Spring. This is a reference consistent with the video’s themes of revolution, rioting and confrontations with riot police.

Police car featuring pentagonal symbol for the American University in Cairo

Logo for the American University in Cairo

Beyonce on a black stallion

A bull shown underneath a highway overpass

Weird-looking lady being crucified. Does this represent her friend Lady Gaga?

Beyonce’s videos frequently show her or some other woman dancing in a cage, as do those of several other current pop stars, as revealed in this video series. There the director interprets the symbol as indicating a possessing alter ego spirit, like a genie kept in a bottle.

Dancing woman emerges from cage

A recurring image in Beyonce’s videos is that of a car being lit on fire and exploding. This is explained well in this video series as a symbol of transformation, letting the genie out of the bottle and allowing it to fully possess the subject, Beyonce, so that she becomes the new being, Sasha Fierce. However, in this particular instance, I think we are being shown the transformation of something else entirely. In this instance, the exploding car has the word “REVOLUTION” written on it in red. (Also, strangely, there seems to be the image of a silver bat-winged creature scratched into it.)

REVOLUTION car with silver bat symbol

REVOLUTION car about to explode

Beyonce cheers the explosion

The significance of this can be found in the next image, where Beyonce is shown in a white dress holding two chained spotted hyeanas (also known as “laughing hyaenas”) in front of a highway sign marked “Tbilisi.” This is the capitol of Georgia, and the site of the famous “Rose Revolution” of November 2003.

Beyonce with chained laughing hyaenas, or jackals

The Tbilisi sign

The real road sign that inspired the prop

Why is this image in a video that supposedly is about female empowerment? Consider that the hyaena is not native to Georgia (being an African animal), but Tbilisi did recently acquire two for their zoo. Furthermore, hyaenas are often lumped in with other canines under the generic term “jackal.” In espionage terminology, a “jackal” is a hired assassin or agent provocateur.

Now consider this. The video in question was first aired on May 18th (although clips had been leaked exactly one month earlier). The Billboard Awards ceremony (at which Beyonce performed the song and won the “Millennium Award”) aired on May 22nd. And on May 26, Tbilisi had its bloodiest day of protests since the Rose Revolution, met with fierce resistance by the riot police.

Throughout this video, whenever the line of female dancers is shown, we see pillars of the highway overpass behind them decorated with posters that clearly show those two initials again: AA, the Astrum Argentum, or Silver Star.

Posters with the letters AA, indicating the Silver Star

At the end of the piece, Beyonce takes a chest plate decoration off of the shirt of one of the riot policemen. Does it represent change in leadership in that order? Is Beyonce a member? Does she actually think that they represent a real global power manipulating the events of the world? Or perhaps these symbols merely reflect the viewpoint of the director, Francis Lawrence, who also directs videos for Beyonce’s friend (and allegedly, her fellow occult initiate), Lady Gaga.

Silver star badge taken from riot cop

World-running women dance in front of both the REVOLUTION car and the police car

As I mentioned, the cops and the “revolutionaries” seem to be on the same side in this video, with the mastership of the females over the male cops demonstrated repeatedly. At one point, the girls are shown dancing in front of both the pentagram-laden cop car and the “REVOLUTION” car, parked next to each other to indicate that they are controlled by the same force that “runs the world.” And, as I said, at the end of the video, the women salute the policemen, like a commanding officer salutes his or her lieutenants.

The not-so-hidden message in this song, the video, and in the Billboard Awards performance reminds me of the song performed in the old Simpsons episode about the “Stonecutter’s Lodge.” It’s called “We Do,” and it too is about who runs the world.

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