Antichrist 2012: Will Prince William Be King of the World?

May 23, 2011

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By Tracy R. Twyman and Clyde Lewis

Born on the Summer Solstice during a solar eclipse, Prince William is a living embodiment of the dying and reborn solar king of the ancient world. This is the primordial archetype of kingship, the “Lord of the Earth,” upon which all monarchs throughout history have modeled themselves. Through his descent from the Spencer family, William carries a more illustrious predigree than any other monarch to sit on the throne of England. His bloodline can be traced back to the biblical House of David, and possibly Jesus himself, as well to the historical figure remembered as Satan. His marriage to Kate Middleton has been patterned on the ancient pagan May Day rituals of king sacrifice and sex magic. His bride has been quite consciously chosen to be modeled as a new Diana, a living incarnation of that “virgin queen” goddess referred to in St. John’s Revelation as the Whore of Babylon. Learn why Prince William could in fact be that final King of the World prophesied in the Bible. Read Antichrist 2012: Will Prince William be King of the World?, By Tracy R. Twyman and Clyde Lewis, available for order from Quintessential Publications as a .PDF ebook, to be delivered via email within minutes or hours of purchase.

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