The mystical royalist symbolism embedded in the program V

April 28, 2011

Jane Badler as Queen Diana in the original V miniseries

At the end of my “Necro-nuptials” article about the royal wedding, I made some observations about potential symbolism in the television program V:

There are some interesting parallels between the archetypes examined here and the television program V. In that show, there are three royal females: “Anna,” “Diana,” and “Lisa.” First Queen Diana is betrayed by her daughter Anna and locked in a dungeon in the basement on the Mother Ship. On the surface, Anna rules as queen, with everyone thinking that Diana is dead. Eventually Diana is rescued with the aid of her granddaughter Lisa, the princess, and tries to reclaim her kingdom. But Diana is then killed by Anna, who afterwards locks Lisa in the dungeon as punishment for her betrayal.

Throughout the series, Lisa has been courting a human boyfriend, Tyler, whom Queen Anna had chosen to produce a human-V hybrid granddaughter for her to inherit the throne. However, Lisa and Tyler never do end up consummating their relationship, and after Lisa is imprisoned in the dungeon, a clone of her is created to mate with Tyler. After the breeding occurs, Tyler is sacrificed and eaten by the clone princess.

The name “Lisa” is another form of “Elizabeth.” In Old English it translates to “consecrated to God,” while “Elizabeth” specifically means “consecrated to the House of God.” This indicates that she takes the form of the goddess as the “Virgin Queen.”

Morena Baccarin and Jane Badler, or Queen Anna and Queen Diana

There are some more interesting details. The woman who plays Queen Diana on that show also played the same character in the original 1983 miniseries. version of V. Her name is Jane Badler. Intriguingly, Ms. Badler’s portfolio in major film and TV is actually quite short. But one of her other roles was that of “Diana Marshall” in the Australian soap opera Neighbors.

Then there is the album she cut in 2008, called The Devil Has My Double. The name evokes the symbolism of Lilith as the corpse bride, the evil twin doppelganger of Queen of the May, Diana. (read “Necro-nuptials” to understand the concept). The shows her staring into a mirror looking seductive, a la traditional images of Lilith gazing at herself in her magic mirror, the gateway to her underworld kingdom. Does this constitute meaningful coincidence?

Cover of The Devil Has My Double by Jane Badler

Lilith by Gabriel Rosetti

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