Tea Party Review (+ Help Us ID the Saboteurs!)

By Tracy R Twyman

On April 15th of last week, the Editors of Liberty Cap Press headed down to Pioneer Courthouse Square, “the City’s Livingroom,” to attend Portland, Oregon’s “Tax Day Tea Party,” taking place on the same day as over 1000 others throughout the United States.

The Oregonian reported that there were only 1000 people there. I think it was more like 7000. That’s what the organizers estimate as well. The Square was packed, as you can see from the pictures we took.

It was a very diverse crowd. People of all ages, races, socio-economic backgrounds and political persuasions. I even saw a few teenagers with bandannas over there faces a la the anarchist globalist protest movement. I saw lots of American flags, but also lots of “Don’t Tread On Me” flags. I was carrying one of those myself.

I did NOT see ANY skinheads or obvious “militia movement” types, despite the rumors being floated by the opposition.

There were a few people who appeared to be saboteurs collaborating to try to create a false impression for the reporters that were there. They placed “Brought to you by Fox News” signs in strategic places. One guy stood there holding a sign that said “F*** the Poor”, trying to blend in with the crowd, while his friend took pictures of him and muttered something about the Tea Partiers being “stupid” and “brainwashed.” A veteran tried to cover his sign with an American flag, and a scuffle ensued.

Here are some pictures of the incident. Does anyone recognize these people?





I don’t think anybody was fooled by the “F*** the Poor” guy. I actually think that probably at least half of the people there were poor themselves: either the working poor, or people who had lost their jobs. Even poor people realize that they aren’t being helped by high taxes on business, an inflated, unstable monetary system, and a tyrannical government that is staging a hostile takeover of the private sector, seizing all of the real wealth in this country and using is as collateral to continue indebting us to foreign bankers.

There were a couple of politicians that spoke at the rally. Republicans, I believe. Nobody booed them (as Cody Willard of Fox Business’ “Happy Hour” program has suggested people do to Democrat/Republicrat fascist regime collaborators). I only moved back into the Portland area recently, so I don’t pretend to know anything about the voting records of the local politicians who spoke. But I noticed that the people all around me were looking sort of bewildered at each other while they spoke, and saying things like “I don’t care who they are. Throw the bastards out and start over again!” Nobody wanted to be rude, but most people felt uncomfortable cheering for a politician in what was supposed to be a non-partisan rally, so the response was subdued.

They played “Proud to Be an American” at the end of the rally. I really could go the rest of my life without ever hearing that song again, but oh well.

After the rally, a handful of Tea Partiers headed down to the waterfront, where everyone who had brought some tea for the cause emptied it into a garbage can, which was then dumped into the river.

Look at these young right wing terrorists. Waterboard them!

Look at these young right wing terrorists. Waterboard them!

It may have been a bit silly, but I think the symbolism of dumping the tea into the river is a bit like the “Cremation of Care” ritual. It’s about casting off our inhibitions and fears of being labeled “extremists” just because we’re standing up for liberty. The more people take a stand, the less we have to fear. It’s about saying “no” to slavery.

Here’s a video someone put together with footage of the rally:

More on the story from Victoria Taft and the Oregon Tea Party website.


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