Almost all US Presidents descended from Plantagenet King

August 8, 2010

A twelve-year-old girl in Watsonville, CA has been able to trace the genealogies of all US Presidents except for Martin van Buren back to a Plantagenet monarch of England from the 13th century, King John “Lackland.” The girl, BridgeAnne d’Avignon, conducted the research for a class project at Monte Vista Christian School. This is hardly the first time that the blue-blooded pedigrees of US Presidents have been noted, however. 33 of them can be traced directly back to King Henry II of England, another Plantagenet, and all Presidents, again with the exception of Martin van Buren, can be traced as cousins to one another. This has led to the “most royal candidate” theory of genealogist Harold Brooks-Baker, who claimed that the outcome of any US Presidential election could be predicted by determining which candidate possessed the most august lineage.

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