7000 US troops sent to Costa Rica for “narcotics operations”

July 11, 2010
By Tracy R Twyman

Knight Ridder reports that the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica has voted 31-8 to allow the US to deploy 7000 marines to “circulate the country in uniform without any restrictions,� along with dozens of warships and submarines that will be sent to the area. The purpose is allegedly for “anti-narcotics operations and humanitarian missions.� The operations are set to take place now through the end of December. The dissenting votes came from opposition parties who complained of a loss of domestic sovereignty, disproportionate force, and the potential of collateral damage from the operations. Some websites, including Survivalist News and WeLoveCostaRica.com, have suggested that this is being done to move troops currently stationed at US Southern Command or SOUTHCOM, based in Miami. Both websites speculated that the US military is trying to quietly evacuate military assets from the Gulf of Mexico due to fears for the health and safety of the personnel.

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