“Don’t tase my granny!”

June 29, 2010
By Tracy R Twyman

“Don’t tase my granny!? These are the exact words that Lonnie Tinsley reportedly shouted at police officers in El Reno, Oklahoma as they subjected his 86-year-old grandmother to extreme electro-torture while she sat in her own bed. Concerned that the woman, Lona Verner, hadn’t taken her meds, Tinsley had called 911 seeking “emergency medical assistance.? But when police arrived at the apartment and approached the bed, an apparently confused Ms. Varner told them to leave.

The officers told Oklahoma City Federal Court that the woman then “took a more aggressive posture in her bed?, supposedly warranting the stun gun attack that immediately followed. Tinsley testified that when he protested this, the police then threatened to tase him, and promptly arrested him, before tasing Ms. Varner a second and third time, and then arresting her as well. The disabled octogenarian grandmother suffered burns to the chest from the voltage, and was allegedly in so much pain that she passed out. Courthouse News Service reports that both Varner and her grandson are now seeking punitive damages from the City of El Reno.

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