EU Chief: Portugal, Spain, and Greece will fall to military dictators if austerity demands not met

June 19, 2010

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has warned that Spain, Greece and Portugal will fall into the hands of dictators, and that democracy will disappear, if they do not immediately implement the austerity measures recommended by the International Monetary Fund to tackle their debt problems. This, the Daily Mail reports, came out just as information was being leaked to the press about an EU bailout plan for Spain that will run into the hundreds of billions of Euros. The article pointed out that Spain and Portugal were ruled by dictatorships well into the 1970s, while Greece fell victim to a military coup in 1967 that ousted the monarch, Constantine II, and lasted until a democratic revolution in 1975. A colleague of Barroso’s, John Monks, told the Daily Mail that Barroso had said to him privately: “Look, if they do not carry out these austerity packages, these countries could virtually disappear in the way that we know them as democracies. They’ve got no choice, this is it.”

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