Are we about to have an “underground blowout” in the Gulf of Mexico? Have we already had one?

June 12, 2010

The mainstream media is now fully awoken to the fact that the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is way more than just a single leak. BP now says they’ll have the leak down to “a relative trickle” in a few days through the construction of relief wells. But now Senator Bill Nelson of Florida, fueled by reports from scientists, has suggested that the well casing underneath the ocean floor may have ruptured, in one or several other places, and that oil is leaking through the sea bed. This would explain at least partially the gigantic, several miles long underwater oil plumes that have formed which don’t appear to be issuing directly from the known leak site. Last week, anonymous sources cited as “BP officials” were quoted by the Washington Post as saying that the ruptures were discovered during Top Kill, the recent attempt to plug the leak with mud. The quote read:

“We discovered things that were broken in the subsurface, and that the mud being pushed into the well to prevent oil from coming out was making it out to the side…”

There is now a fear that any additional attempts to plug the well will create too much pressure underneath and cause a “underground blowout,” which would lead to what oil industry expert Bob Cavnar calls “uncontrolled flow to the sea floor … the doomsday scenario.” In a way, this may explain what some commentators have noted, which is BP’s desire to come up with solutions that keep the oil flowing rather than capping it. While it has been suggested that this is because they want to make the best of their investment so that they can continue selling oil from it, which only makes sense, it may also be that capping it would cause a blowout, or at the very least just cause the oil to come out from the other leak points in greater quantity. Here’s Cavnar on Countdown with Keith Olbermann explaining the danger:

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