The Invisible Hand Episode 5: Interview with William T. Still, Part 2

April 28, 2010


This week’s show includes part 2 of my interview with author and filmmaker William T. Still, creator of two documentary films about monetary policy, The Money Masters, and most recently, The Secret of Oz. Still advocates the replacement of Federal Reserve Notes with debt-free fiat currency issued by the Treasury, like the greenbacks circulated during the Civil War.

I also discuss in my monologue last week’s bombshell revelation from Fox News reporter Jeffrey Scott Shapiro that World Trade Center lease holder Larry Silverstein was in the process of orchestrating the demolition of Tower 7 when the building suddenly collapsed. This corroborates Silverstein’s own testimony to PBS stating that he and the fire department had agreed to “pull” the building, before he later tried to change his story. It does not explain why several news channels reported the collapse of Building 7 up to an hour before it actually went down. The building can even be seen standing intact behind this BBC reporter as she describes how it fell in the past tense.

In this episode, I also talk to Brian Albert about:

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