Psst: North American Leaders’ Summit is the same thing as the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Pass it on.

August 10, 2009

They changed the name, hoping to throw us off the scent of the North American Union. In the past they called their gatherings the “Security and Prosperity Partnership.” Now it’s the North American Leaders’ Summit. But some congresspeople aren’t fooled. From WorldNetDaily:

With President Obama expected tomorrow for the North American Leaders’ Summit in Guadalajara, Mexico, a coalition of American legislators and activists took a message to the Mexican media, denouncing economic partnerships that would undermine national sovereignty and blasting Obama’s failure to keep his promises on transparency and the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Howard Phillips, chairman of The Conservative Caucus and head of the Coalition to Block the North American Union, spoke to Mexican print, television and radio media about the summit, which was known in previous years as the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership, or SPP.

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