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Tracy R. Twyman on Truth Transmission

June 20, 2011

Jake Kettle

I was on the podcast Truth Transmission with Jake Kettle today talking about the Priory of Sion and the nature of “alien” reality. Listen/watch here.

The Anonymous logo and the “People of Destiny” book series

June 18, 2011
The People of Desinty logo

I wonder if anyone has noted before that the logo for the hacker group “Anonymous” greatly resembles the logo for the book series “People of Destiny” put out by Children’s Press in the 1950s. I noticed this when I used my copy of the volume on Sir Winston Churchill as a food tray this...

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WHO RUN THE WORLD? Beyonce video accurately predicts civil unrest in Georgia

June 12, 2011
Beyonce with chained laughing hyaenas, or jackals

Strange symbolism in Beyonce’s latest song and video seems to be connected to riots in Tbilisi, Georgia that broke out within a week of the video’s premiere. How, I don’t know. I’m just sayin’. Beyonce recently appeared at the Billboard Music Awards, performing the song “Who Run the World.” Her performance was full of...

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