A boot stamping on a human face … forever …

By Tracy R Twyman


DHS trains Boy Scouts as Junior League Nazis

By Tracy R Twyman

From The New York Times:

Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More

The Explorers program, a coeducational affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America that began 60 years ago, is training thousands of young people in skills used to confront terrorism, illegal immigration and escalating border violence — an intense ratcheting up of one of the group’s… »

Now you notice?

By Tracy R Twyman

Obama is now lecturing US about deficit spending, including HIS deficit spending! From Bloomberg:

President Barack Obama, calling current deficit spending “unsustainable,” warned of skyrocketing interest rates for consumers if the U.S. continues to finance government by borrowing from other countries.

“We can’t keep on just borrowing from China,” Obama said at a town-hall meeting in… »

Mainstream media blacks out Bilderberg conference AGAIN

By Tracy R Twyman

This year’s Bilderberg conference is happening now in Greece. Geithner and Bernake are there (SHHH! You’re not supposed to know that!), along with a few hundred of the most powerful people in the world including, this year, the CEO of Google, as well as the heads of international banks and insurance companies benefiting from the… »

Democrats vs. CIA

By Tracy R Twyman

Get out your tinfoil hats, people. Woo, ooh! Moonbats! (Sorry, I just had to do that.)

“Democrats: CIA is out to get us”

Yeah, they’re out to get you. Cuz the CIA is trained to take down illegitimate fascist governments. Watch out,… »

Brits encouraged to turn in their bourgeois neighbors for having too much “bling”

By Tracy R Twyman
These bureaucrats are suspected of having a budget that's entirely too bloated and of using their police powers to steal the property of others

In the latest example of innovative policing in Britain, the Gloucestershire force is encouraging members of the public to report people wearing too much ‘bling’ during the recession.

They are also urging people to [report] anyone who drives flashy cars or buys expensive items without the apparent means to afford them during the credit crunch.

The campaign,… »

Homeless advocates are “textbook” terrorists

By Tracy R Twyman

From FSN ABC News:

Fresno, CA (KFSN) — When city crews recently cleaned up a homeless area in downtown Fresno, advocates, with cameras were there. The pictures are posted on the internet. But when one photographer followed city crews, to take pictures of where they were putting the stuff they cleaned up, police say city workers… »

“Team Obama’s bullying threats against the senior bondholders in the Chrysler bankruptcy”

By Tracy R Twyman

“Gangster Government” An Interview with Tom… »

Real housing and property sacrificed to fake economy as Americans live in tents UPDATED

By Tracy R Twyman

Last September I told a friend that I had heard economists on television suggest that the TARP funds should be used to DEMOLISH PERFECTLY GOOD HOMES that had been foreclosed on in order to drive up the prices of the other homes. I told him that I thought this was immanent. My friend did not… »

Thoughtcriminals Banned from Airstrip 1

By Tracy R Twyman

From The Independent:

“Sixteen people banned from entering the UK were “named and shamed” by the Home Office today.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she decided to make public the names of 16 people banned since October so others could better understand what sort of behaviour Britain was not prepared to tolerate.

The list includes hate preachers, anti-gay… »

16-year-old home-schoolboy from North Carolina held under Patriot Act; UPDATE: Claim disputed

By Tracy R Twyman

UPDATE: There is backtracking on the Patriot Act claim now: here, and here.

From WRAL:

“Sixteen-year-old Ashton Lundeby’s bedroom in his mother’s Granville County home is nothing, if not patriotic. Images of American flags are everywhere – on the bed, on the floor, on the wall.

But according to the United States government, the tenth-grade home-schooler is… »

Yet another DHS report: “Nordic mystics,” among those deemed terrorists

By Tracy R Twyman

From The Daily Beast:

“The new memo obtained by The Daily Beast locates an even wider-ranging group of extremists among us. You could safely say it crosses liberal and conservative lines: Entries range from Mexican separatists to antiabortion extremists to racial Nordic mysticism. (Islamic groups are specifically excluded from this document.)”

I’ve known lots of people… »

Fascist government mafia’s blatant racketeering

By Tracy R Twyman

Racketering: A racket is an illegal business, usually run as part of organized crime. Engaging in a racket is called racketeering. Several forms of racket exist. The best-known is the protection racket, in which criminals demand money from businesses in exchange for the service of “protection” against crimes that the racketeers themselves instigate if unpaid… »

WHO Level 5 = Martial Law De Jure

By Tracy R Twyman

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From The Progressive: Will NorthCom take over in Swine Flu Outbreak?
From Fox News:


Closing thought: WHO Level 6 = Martial Law De… »

Mex Gov’t Cover-Up of Intial Outbreak

By Tracy R Twyman

From the Telegraph: “…staff were asked not to place the reason for dying on the death… »

The Tyrannicam: Personal Handheld Anti-Tyranny Device

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