Carbon credits won’t stop global warming, if there is such a thing

June 30, 2009

Even if you believe that mankind is causing global warming, how can you possibly believe that imposing massive taxes and price increases on US citizens is somehow going to stop it? Think about it. As MarketWatch explains:

Here’s the problem: North America has about 330 million people in it, most of them in The United States. That’s a lot of people.

But Asia has 4 billion people living in it, or more than 10 times as many. And unfortunately most of them are living at a vastly inferior standard of living compared to ours. Africa has about 970 million people (three times North America), and again, nearly all are living vastly below our standard of living.

We’re 1/15th of the population in question and nearly all of the rest of the people involved are going to dramatically increase their per-capita CO2 output whether we like it or not.

Herein lies the problem: While we emit more CO2 per-capita than anyone else today, we won’t be emitting the most CO2 for very long on an aggregate basis.

To actually stop the increase in CO2 emissions we would have to find some way to compel the Asians and Africans to not increase their CO2 emissions.

Of course, the Climate Bill actually does force our trading partners in the Third World to suppress the development of their economies and infrastructure in order to qualify for the massive IMF loans we are ramming down their throats. Yes, that means we are forcing underdeveloped countries not to develop. And we will be imposing mandatory taxes on the production of food which will cause massive starvation across the Third World. This goes along with all the sterilization and other depopulation campaigns the UN is waging in Africa and other underdeveloped hellholes that they are actively trying to destroy.

So once again, what is the carbon credit scam really about? 1) centralization of economic and social control on a global level; 2) the creation of a new bubble economy and monetary system based on carbon credits that the international bankers can manipulate; 3) the depopulation of the Earth by creating an economy based on the negation of production, the negation of life, leading to the widespread death that they desire to see. It’s all about eugenics and population control.

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As Cap and Trade races through Congress, here is a question – Who will benefit? The environment and us or Government Sachs?

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