Real housing and property sacrificed to fake economy as Americans live in tents UPDATED

May 6, 2009

Last September I told a friend that I had heard economists on television suggest that the TARP funds should be used to DEMOLISH PERFECTLY GOOD HOMES that had been foreclosed on in order to drive up the prices of the other homes. I told him that I thought this was immanent. My friend did not believe me. Thought it was too stupid, too suicidal for a civilization to do to itself, especially in the wake of record rates of unemployment and homelessness. To my dismay, I have been proven right. Fox News just showed homes being bulldozed in Michigan for this exact purpose.

More news coming soon. I’m too disgusted right now to write.

UPDATE: They’re doing it in California too, saying there are “too many houses on the market right now.” I’ll bet the former occupants of those homes, CAMPING OUT UNDERNEATH THE FREAKING FREEWAY OVERPASS, would disagree!


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