Yet another DHS report: “Nordic mystics,” among those deemed terrorists

May 4, 2009

From The Daily Beast:

“The new memo obtained by The Daily Beast locates an even wider-ranging group of extremists among us. You could safely say it crosses liberal and conservative lines: Entries range from Mexican separatists to antiabortion extremists to racial Nordic mysticism. (Islamic groups are specifically excluded from this document.)”

I’ve known lots of people into Nordic mysticism who weren’t racists, terrorists, or members of “prison gangs,” as the report describes.

Here’s the pdf of the report.

Exit question: Who ISN’T a terrorist?

One Response to Yet another DHS report: “Nordic mystics,” among those deemed terrorists

  1. lightfusegetaway on May 10, 2009 at 5:21 am

    (U) leftwing extremism – A movement of groups or individuals that embraces anticapitalist, Communist, or Socialist doctrines and seeks to bring about change through violent revolution rather than through established political processes. The term also refers to leftwing, single-issue extremist movements that
    are dedicated to causes such as environmentalism, opposition to war, and the rights of animals. (also: far left, extreme left)

    At least they’re fair… sort of.

    So it looks like you have to be a tax-paying race-ambiguous atheist-pacifist hermaphrodite living in a commune of other tax-paying race-ambiguous atheist-pacifist hermaphrodites. Then you’re not a terrorist.

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