Lou Dobbs 2006: NAFTA highway business interests force US to keep borders open during future swine flu pandemics

April 27, 2009

I found this by accident yesterday. At the closed and almost secret Security and Prosperity Partnership meetings between Bush and leaders from Canada and Mexico, where they hammered out the deal for the so-called “NAFTA highway” through Mexico, the US and Canada, Lou Dobbs reported back in 2006 that “business interests” forced the US to agree to keep the borders open at all times, even during–specifically– A SWINE FLU PANDEMIC!

“… SPP documents urging the free flow of goods and people across borders, and a wish list from business interests that borders remain open during a swine flu pandemic.”

Watch the video. The quoted line can be found at 2:00:

Interestingly the NAFTA highway goes through Kansas City, where the swine flu has already broken out.

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