Ophiuchus screensaver on the Amazon Kindle … weeks BEFORE the pole shift!

January 18, 2011

The Ophiuchus screensaver that came with the new Kindle. Photo by Rob Steidl.

People who got a Kindle for Christmas may have been the recipients of some strange predictive programming. Reader Rob Steidl reports that the new Kindle comes loaded with 22 screensaver images that run in a cycle. One of them is the “new” Zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, which the Minnesota Planetarium Society and the mainstream media say we need to incorporate now because of a magnetic pole shift that occurred a few days ago in January. (Several years ago I predicted this exact thing would happen in the future, as I detailed in this article.) Steidl says the other images include:

Twain,fish,Steinbeck,Luther,Monk with Cat and Mouse,Columbus, Bronte.a cathedral floorplan,Agatha Christie,Dumas,Guttenberg Press,Birds,Woolf,Verne,Austen,Ellison,Stowe, Dickenson, A page in Latin…

So what caused them to include Ophiuchus in this list of screensavers on a Kindle that was sold around Christmas, a couple of weeks before the pole shift and the declaration of the new zodiac system? Did someone at amazon know what was coming, or is this one of those Jungian synchronicities?

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