NH Dem Boss Calls Tea Party Protests “Unhinged”

April 21, 2009

Looks like this fascist collaborator doesn’t get it either:


Read an article here.

The NH organizers of the Tea Party sent out a press release about his statement, this is how the Dem Boss responded:

Well this is interesting…

It appears our wackadoo friends don’t visit here as often as I has thought…

After my comments about the teabaggers last night made it to the Concord Monitor today suddenly the wackadoo websites are bursting with faux outrage.

My google alerts let me know they are writing about me, but I don’t want their egos enlarged by giving them a “hit” so I only get a line or two of what they are saying but it seems they don’t like my mild description of the teabaggers.
So it appears they didn’t read the more colorful characterizations here and elsewhere.

Doing my best to elect NH Democrats since 1968 and getting better at it every year!

For that he gets the Hitler mustache:

The Fascist Collaborator Ray Buckley

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