Levi on the use of babies’ flesh for witchcraft

November 19, 2010

Sprenger says that sorceresses were in league with midwives to secure dead bodies of new-born children. The midwives killed these innocents at the very moment of their birth, driving long needles into the brain. The babe was said to have been still-born and was buried as such; on the night following, the stryges dug up the ground and removed the corpse, which they stewed in a pan with narcotic and poisonous herbs, afterwards distilling this human gelatine. The liquor did duty as an elixir of long life, and the solid part — pounded and incorporated with soot and the grease of a black cat — was used for magical rubbing.

Magic: A History of Its Rites, Rituals, and Mysteries, by Eliphas Levi, 1860

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