Saturnalia Special: Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge + Solomon’s Treasure + free DVD

November 15, 2010

Saturnalia Special:

For a limited time only, get Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge + The Invisible Hand compilation DVD, along with Tracy R. Twyman’s classic book on alchemical economics: Solomon’s Treasure: The Magic and Mystery of America’s Money: (a $20.00 value) for a total of just $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING to the US and Canada! ($7 for international orders.)

Publisher’s Description:

It is commonly known that the United States was founded by men with a philosophy grounded in the occult: namely Freemasons who saw in the US a potential “New Atlantis”, which would guide the nations towards a New World Order of peace, democracy, and enlightenment. But what few people understand is the correlation between the esoteric doctrines of Masonry and the economic principles that underpin the American economy. Few understand that the dollar is a unit of magical energy, and the dollar bill itself a magical talisman. Although many words have been written by conspiracy theorists analyzing the Masonic symbols on the one dollar bill, no one has yet been able to sufficiently explain why these symbols are there, or what they really mean.

Solomon’s Treasure explains how the magic of the dollar operates. The creation of money by the Federal Reserve, and its exponential multiplication by the procedures of the banking system, is analogous to the creation and multiplication of gold in the metaphysical “science” of alchemy. The members of the Federal Reserve Board are in many ways like sorcerers, conjuring wealth seemingly out of thin air and distributing it at will to transform the American economy according to their desires. The dollar is “fiat currency”, declared into existence by the central bank in a manner similar to the creation of the universe by the divine words “Let there be light!”

Money Tree of Knowledge + Invisible Hand CD + Solomon’s Treasure

Liberty Cat Says: “Books Make You Smarter!” (and cuter)

If you would like to buy Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge without Solomon’s Treasure for the discounted price of $14.95, with free shipping to the US and Canada, click here.

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  1. Antoine Buonomo on January 29, 2017 at 11:00 am

    Very nice!

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