Minutemen Founder to Run Against McCain

April 21, 2009

From Politico:

“John McCain has failed miserably in his duty to secure this nation’s borders and protect the people of Arizona from the escalating violence and lawlessness,” Simcox said. “He has fought real efforts over the years at every turn, opting to hold our nation’s border security hostage to his amnesty schemes. Coupled with his votes for reckless bailout spending and big government solutions to our nation’s problems, John McCain is out of touch with everyday Arizonans. Enough is enough.”

- Chris Simcox

I hope McCain looses. I don’t care what Simcox’s policies are. It’s time to get rid of McCain. He is a big government progressive Republican and is working in collusion with the rest of the corporatists to bring in a global fascist regime through the false global warming cap and trade scam, unfettered illegal immigration, nationalized healthcare, promoting prohibition, and funding a police state.

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