Trojan hobby horse detonated in Orlando

September 11, 2010

A bomb squad in Orlando, Florida made headlines this week when a toy pony was detonated in a park next to Waterbridge Elementary School. The police apparently found the presence of a child’s toy in the proximity of a school to be suspicious of terrorist activity, and acted swiftly, lest the hobby horse turn out to be a Trojan horse. Students at the school were on lockdown until the pony was exploded.

One Response to Trojan hobby horse detonated in Orlando

  1. mike smith on September 20, 2010 at 4:05 am

    This kind of thing is being done all over the country to condition our kids to live in fear. To prep their supple little minds to live in a police state.You know to condition them to consent to big daddy government giving them a big thick fascist government rectal hammering. Think about it.All they/ the pigs had to do was hold a 100$ medal detector up to my little pony to tell if there was a bomb up its butt. But oh no that would be to fucking easy. thats not going to get anybody a huge anti terrorism paycheck. They shut this school down all damn day, held those wide eyed kids hostage exciting their emagination. And for the climax………. boom killing a toy pony.this is classic soviet stile mind rape. WELCOME COMRADES. TO THE UNITED SOVIET STATES OF AMERICA.

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