PATCO police get hard-ons for pat-downs

September 11, 2010

If you commute to work on the PATCO train from New Jersey to Philadelphia each morning, be advised that the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution, protecting against unwarranted search and seizure, no longer applies to you. On Thursday the Transportation Security Administration began conducting random pat-downs on commuter trains there, with explosive-sniffing dogs. They check pockets and bags, and although they say they are looking for weapons, they’re also arresting people for other contraband, such as drugs and drug paraphernalia. The searches are being done without warning on a random basis, with the help of newly-hired Delaware River Port Authority police. DRPA Chief David McClintock was quoted as saying:

“We can conduct any kind of search we want. We could ask TSA to bring wands or X-ray machines like they have in airports, though we don’t think that’s appropriate for PATCO riders at this time.”

One Response to PATCO police get hard-ons for pat-downs

  1. mike smith on September 19, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    SOMEBODY SHOULD RAPE THESE COPS IN THE ASS WITH A NIGHT STICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO LUBE. Just kidding i would never wish harm on law enforcement.

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