Idaho considering silver currency

April 1, 2010

States are finally starting to realize that staying tethered to the Federal Reserve’s fraudulent monetary scheme is the equivalent of suicide. From Silver Bear Cafe:

With only one state representative dissenting, the Idaho House State Affairs committee voted on Monday to endorse HB 633, a bill that would allow Idaho citizens to pay their state taxes with an official state silver medallion.

The news comes just a month after a South Carolina legislator introduced a bill seeking to ban Federal currency altogether, and replace the upstart greenback with gold or silver coins. A half-dozen other states have considered similar legislation, reports the Tenth Amendment Center. But there’s a key difference between the Idaho plan and the bills proposed in other states, most of which fall somewhere on a spectrum ranging from Tea Party rage to Ron Paul goldbug-ism. (The South Carolina bill, for example, claims that “the State is experiencing an economic crisis of severe magnitude caused in large part by the unconstitutional substitution of Federal Reserve Notes for silver and gold coin as legal tender in this State.”)

It is my view that most states would experience a substantial improvement in their local economies by the adoption of similar measures making debt-free money available for local commerce, almost immediately. What would be even better would be to couple such a move with a principled default on fraudulent debt owed to criminal banks.

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