Presuming Your Consent

March 22, 2010

The Health Care Bill is Part of an International Campaign to Own Your Body and Steal Your Organs

Most people believe that the worst thing about the health care bill currently being debated by Congress is that it is “socialized medicine,” and that the government will be in control of your health care. Well, it certainly is not socialist welfare, as many progressives on the left seem to think. It is a law that forces everyone to buy insurance from a private company, and empower the IRS to enforce this law with penalties (including fines and imprisonment.) It is exactly what the health insurance companies wanted, since it utilizes the power of government to physically force people to buy their products. But behind this lurks an even more sinister agenda.

I have long believed that the reason why the government wants so desperately to pass a “health care reform” bill is because they want to control your body to an extent that they never have before. Acting on a hunch, I decided to do a Google search for all internet posts about “organ donation” over the last 30 days. I discovered no less that three states that are considering bills that would change the way in which consent for organ donations is acquired.

Two of these states are considering a “presumed consent” policy, assuming that a person who is dead or near death wants to donate their organs, unless they explicitly have said otherwise. Under current laws in these states, it’s the other way around. It is assumed that your organs cannot be harvested unless you, or a relative with power of attorney, says otherwise.

The states voting on “presumed consent” this month are Illinois and Kentucky. In Kentucky, Republican State Senate leader Katie Stine made an impassioned plea for people to be able to “control their own bodies.”

In addition, there is California, where organ donor legislation was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger two days ago with the public encouragement of Steve Jobs. The bill forces people to chose whether or not to become an organ donor when they get a driver’s license and creates an “organ donor database.” The involvement of Steve Jobs is particularly ironic, since Steve Jobs was the subject of controversy last June when rumors circulated that he had received preferential treatment for a speedy liver transplant because of his vast wealth.

This is important since, as it is admitted, organs are usually taken from still-living bodies where the heart has stopped or is about to stop, but the brain and other organs still function. Sometimes they don’t even wait for your heart to stop. It has been demonstrated repeatedly that doctors all over the world are anxious to declare someone dead if their organs can be legally harvested, and will look for any excuse to do so, waiting only 75 seconds after “death” to begin carving people up. See here, here, here, here, and here.

But is it just a coincidence that these bills are being decided in these three states at the same time that the health care bill is being debated nationally, which essentially gives control of your body, including when you die, to the federal government? I think not. In fact, there are other things going on all over the country right now, a frantic effort to increase the number of organs being donated.

On March 5th, the Michigan legislature passed a bill requiring DMV employees to lecture drivers on organ donation. El Paso County in Colorado decided a couple of weeks ago that it was “organ donation awareness week.” In Pennslyvania, a state where health care is largely controlled by government, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have suggested this month that people should be paid to donate their organs. And an op-ed in the Daily American, a paper printed in Somerset County, California, suggested earlier in March that organ donors should be moved to the top of the list to receive organ transplants if they need them. This is in response to a similar program being instituted in Israel — guess when? — this month. (Ironically, Israel’s military has recently been at the center of charges of illegal organ harvesting, which they deny.)

So is it possible that there is something happening, not just nationally, but internationally, that has to do with organ harvesting? Well, as a matter of fact, West Australia is presently considering legislation that would implement — you guessed it — presumed consent. The same policy is being floated this month in New Brunswick in Canada, and the Welsh parliament is considering it this month too. Also, on February 22nd, The British Medical Association and the Royal College of Surgeons announced its support for a policy of presumed consent. The President of Pakistan just announced that he is donating his entire body.

What would be the motivation of this international movement, if that is indeed what it is? Why would governments throughout the world collude simultaneously to institute legislation aimed at increasing the number of organs being donated from living patients? Also note, the trend here is that the new measures are being instituted largely by state and provincial, rather than national or federal, governments. This helps to keep it under the radar, since most people pay less attention to local politics than they do the national stage. Furthermore, people are less likely to connect the concept of organ harvesting with national health care legislation if the organ donation legislation is being implemented on a state or provincial basis. But why?

As I discuss in this week’s premiere episode of our new podcast (coming later in the week), the US government has been in bankruptcy since 1933, unable to pay its enormous debt to a usurious, internationally-based, privately-owned criminal banking cartel. The for-profit corporations known as the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund are the institutions in charge of managing our bankruptcy.

In the 1930s, all of the gold, the real money, in the United States was confiscated from the citizenry by the government, and given to the banking cartel as a partial payment on the past debt. We have since been forced to use Federal Reserve Notes, representing shares of our alleged debt to the cartel, as our only legal medium of exchange.

At the same time, all property in the United States, as well as the fruit of our labor (our wages) was hypothecated to the banking cartel as collateral for more loans. People were issued Social Security numbers to indicate that they were pieces of property owned by the cartel, so that their projected production and revenue throughout their lifetime could be traded as a financial instrument for profit by the banking cartel, which is run by people who believe we are their rightful slaves.

Simultaneously, laws were passed throughout the states redefining property ownership in various ways. Over the years it has become the norm that landowners now hold merely a “deed” to their property, not the actual allodial title, which is usually presumed to be retained by the government. Similarly, automobile owners receive a “Certificate of Title” for the car they buy, while the government retains the actual title. We are merely renting our property from the cartel that claims to own everything under the Sun, and are inadvertently giving our consent by continuing to participate in their system.

A similar process has occurred in every single country that participates in the international monetary system controlled by the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund. These countries have been made bankrupt and are now beholden to the same private banking cartel that keeps our own nation hostage. Our current financial crisis represents a new phase in our ongoing bankruptcy management by international bankers. Governments all over the world have, through financial fraud, been placed on the verge of complete monetary collapse. Like Third World banana republics, we in the West are now being treated to the same “austerity measures” that the IMF has imposed on other, less developed, more desperate countries. We are all being told that we must pay more in taxes, while government expenditures for public welfare must be cut, such as is happening in Iceland, Greece, and even the United States.

What’s really happening is that the international banking cartel has decided we need to make some budget changes if we’re going to keep making our mandatory debt payments, and if we’re going to keep borrowing more money, we have to put up more collateral. And it is clear to me that one of the things being demanded by the cartel is “health care reform” in the United States. Having already taken all of our property and money, and made slaves of us all, there is nothing left for the government to offer as collateral except the very bodies of its citizens.

There is one category of bankers holding US debt that might be particularly interested in securing access to the healthy organs of America’s dying citizens: the Chinese, who control about 25% of our foreign-owned debt. After all, they never miss an opportunity to harvest the organs of their own citizens as soon as they become disposable. Furthermore, the United States has been doing everything it can as of late to secure China’s continued cooperation in the sale of US treasury bonds.

According to Mike Kim in the documentary film “The Dollar Bubble,” the Cash for Clunkers program was actually conceived by the Chinese as a way of obtaining cheap scrap metal, which was then handed over to the Chinese as debt payment. (You can skip to about minute 13 of this video to hear him talk about it.) Indeed, the Chinese are the largest consumers of our recycled scrap material, and they even have a Cash for Clunkers program of their own going on right now, so it doesn’t seem that hard to believe.

So is a similar plan being formed to part out and sell off the scraps of our broken-down bodies to the oligarchs that control our country’s debt? I certainly can’t prove it, but I think that if you ponder what sort of control over our bodies the Congress has just hypothecated to the federal government, and thus to the corporations that control it, all the way out to its logical conclusion, you will agree that the circumstances have been created which can and eventually will allow this to happen.

Cass Sunstein, the President’s friend from Chicago and head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, published a book in 2008 called Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness. In it he proposed that presumed consent should be the law of the land nationally. He personally has been responsible for “nudging” the state of Illinois into their current position where they are actually voting on presumed consent, instead of what they currently, do, at Sunstein’s suggestion: use the power of government to propagandize for organ donation to make it “seem popular.” As Sunstein and his co-author Richard H. Thaler wrote in Nudge:

“The false assumption is that almost all people, almost all of the time, make choices that are in their best interest or at the very least are better than the choices that would be made [for them] by someone else…”

Cass Sunstein fits in well with other Obama appointees, such as John P. Holdren, who in his book Ecoscience proposed forced and even unwitting sterilization of large portions of the population, as well as forced abortions, and suggested using international rather than domestic law to justify it. Then there’s Ezekiel Emmanuel, advisor to the President on the health care issue, who proposed the Complete Lives System, which would deny elderly people health care to encourage them to die sooner. It is no accident that the only cost savings addressed in the bill is a massive decrease in Medicare expenditures. The sooner old people die, and the more healthy they are when they die, the more useful their body parts are.

In England, Oxford’s Dr. Julian Savuleso made headlines in 2008 for his proposal of not just presumed consent, but mandatory organ donation. He also said that organs should be taken long before the currently-accepted threshold of brain death is reached. In fact, he said that anyone who has been deemed “permanently unconscious” is fair game. Savulescu’s thesis for his PhD was on “Good Reasons to Die.”

I am actually quite confident that the reason why the administration has been so desperate to pass this health care bill, no matter how little it had in common with what the President and the Democrats in Congress said they wanted in the bill, is because they are under pressure from external, international forces to do so. They are so frantic about it. What’s the rush? They keep insisting that if we don’t pass it, the economy will collapse. Didn’t that already happen two years ago? And anyway, how does government control of health care prevent that from happening? Does anyone see the connection?

I do! As market analyst Max Keiser might say, the financial terrorists who control our elected officials have, like they always do about this time, threatened to blow up the economy again, even worse than last time, if we don’t give in to their present demands, which this time happen to be handing over control of our bodies to them. Amazingly, this tactic continues to work over and over and over again on the brainwashed corporate whores we have elected to govern us.

Human life is the most valuable thing on Earth, when it’s yours. That is why people who have all of the money and property they could every want still lust after longevity. Death gets us all in the end, but the rich can afford to postpone that day for a long, long time. Never-ending access to other people’s functioning organs would be a dream come true for the planet’s elite.

No matter where you stand on the issue of free market vs. government-controlled health care, you must agree that any bill which mandates you to buy health insurance, and dictates the policies of your health care, including when you will die, when you will be considered dead, and whether or not your organs will be taken from you, is one which assumes that the government owns your body and can kill you on a whim. That is why you must take a stand against the implementation of these policies. Don’t let them presume that you consent to be carved up like a side of beef.

This and related issues are discussed in our interview with Constitutional scholar Michael Badnarik as part of the first episode of our upcoming podcast, which will premiere later this week.

In the meantime, please enjoy the new song “Buy Booms and Bubbles” by the house band, the Plunge Protection Team.

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