Monetary mysticism at the London Bullion Market Association

August 16, 2009


The logo for the London Bullion Market Association demonstrates something I wrote about in my book Solomon’s Treasure: The Magic and Mystery of America’s Money. In the ancient world, gold and silver were not only used as money but valued as sacred metals. Gold was linked with the Sun god, and silver with the lunar goddess. Coin money originated in ancient Sumer in the form of tokens that were donated to the Temple of Ishtar. Gold and silver have always been used as monetary sacrifices to the gods. Temples were gilded with them and idols were made out of them. When one culture conquered another, the victors would take the gold and silver idols from the temples and melt them down to make new idols of their own gods.

At any rate, you can see in the London Bullion Market Association‘s logo that this principle is still recognized by the elite. Also of note: the Association’s journal, which has been in publication since 1996, is called The Alchemist.

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