Compulsory Obamacare: $5000 deductable

July 1, 2009

So the Democrats are planning on ramming this health care legislation down our throats, which will force poor people to buy health insurance from the government. But the government plan has a $5000 deductable. Which means that you may be forced to pay hundreds of dollars a month for a plan that will only be useful if you need something that costs more than $5000. So you’ll be covered if there’s a major catastrophe, but you won’t be able to afford to go to the doctor for preventative care or common problems like infections and broken limbs. Money that you might have used to pay for those things will instead be extorted from you, under penalty of law, and you will get absolutely nothing for it. They won’t do a damn thing for you. And if you choose not to buy health insurance you will be a criminal.


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One Response to Compulsory Obamacare: $5000 deductable

  1. wermyapl on July 1, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    The politicians are salivating at all the death they are going to create with this one.

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