“Secret techniques used by the rich and famous!”

Guaranteed system to obtain power, wealth, love, sex, and social status using proven, ancient systems of ritual magick

This is not for everyone

If you don’t think you can handle LIMITLESS POWER then please leave this site now.

If you’re scared of what you might do with the ability to accomplish any goal, achieve any desire, and bend any person to your will, do not read any further. Because merely the act of reading the text on this page will initiate the process of awakening within you.

The words and pictures on this page are signposts that will cause the powers which lie dormant within you to begin to stir, arousing the coiled serpent that lies sleeping at the base of your spine.

As you read these words, the dormant energy will begin to uncoil, and will make its way though your body, then to your brain, opening your mind’s eye to the abundant possibilities that lie before you.

You begin to see that you’ve been tricked all along into thinking you are powerless. You are not.

You will see how you will become, with this power, an omnipotent dynamo with irresistible influence. You will become DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS if discover the secrets in the brand-new must-have E-Book from renowned witches and magick experts Joshua Free and Morgana Emrys:



Do not buy this book if you are afraid to:

  • attract lovers like a magnet
  • dominate everyone you meet
  • lay waste to your enemies
  • experience unstoppable success
  • achieve wealth beyond your wildest dreams
  • enjoy pleasure you didn’t even know was possible

Let me tell you a story ... a true story.

A few months ago, I was ready to end it all.

I had been trapped for years in a job that I hated. It didn’t pay much and it made me miserable. I was such a complete loser, my wife left me last summer for another man. I tried to find a new girlfriend, but I was too shy to talk to anyone, and when I did, they all laughed at me.

The other guys at work pulled pranks on me, and the boss treated me like I was his bitch. I thought life couldn’t get any worse. Then I got fired. Why? The boss said I “didn’t smile enough” and “had a bad attitude.”

The next morning, I took my last $5 bill down to the local coffee shop. As I sat outside in the cold, sipping my morning joe and looking at the want ads, I prayed to God, should he or she exist, to please show me the way out!

At that moment, I saw a shadow come over my newspaper, and when I looked up, there was this strange young man standing over me wearing a knowing grin. He laughed, and as he did so, he seemed to exude a radiant light.

“Put down those want ads,” he commanded. “You should only go after things "YOU REALLY WANT".

The stranger then presented me with "THIS BOOK", that, unbelievably, changed my life forever. Within it, I discovered secrets that have been passed down in the hushed ceremonies of ancient occult orders since time immemorial. These secrets have always been hidden from the prying eyes of the masses, because they were considered too powerful for ordinary men. Because the truth is, by applying these secret techniques, an ordinary man or woman can become an extraordinary individual: a brilliant, creative, wealthy, happy, youthful, attractive, energetic, lusterous, inspirational shining star. After I read "THIS BOOK", I never looked in the want ads again. Because I don’t want for anything anymore. I can have whatever I want, any time "I WANT" it.

After learning to tap into my own hidden energy and discovering my higher self with its amazing powers, I now know what my true calling is--to bring to the world the magnificent teachings of Joshua Free and Morgana Emrys: "SEX, MONEY, AND POWER THROUGH WITCHCRAFT".


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Put unhappiness behind you

Your desire has drawn you to this site, like a ship lost at sea honing in on a beacon of light in the distance. Fate has brought you here at this exact moment. You are now being given a unique challenge. Don’t let this chance pass you by.

Opportunity is knocking. Do you have the courage to open the door? This could be the most important decision of your life.

Imagine if you could live exactly the way you want. No restrictions. No limits.

You can! Just unleash your hidden genius. Your world is your domain. Be its master!

Have faith in yourself. Today is the day. Take this step now to change your life.

Magick that gets results

What is magick? It’s just like stage magic. The magician transforms reality with a wave of his magic wand. So do we. Only with this kind of magick, it’s not just an illusion. It’s real.

This is the ability to make things happen through the power of your own will! With these tools, you can enjoy your life again. In fact, you can enjoy your life like you never have before.

Everything is about energy. Energy is at your disposal, free for the taking. This energy is powerful enough to transform any situation, to transmute any thing into any other thing.

Once you can get these energies into alignment, you can tap into whatever current you need and channel it in whichever direction you choose to accomplish your desires and goals.

When you activate your own natural, hidden abilities, and learn to utilize the subtle energies of the universe, SUCCESS BECOMES EFFORTLESS.

Don’t waste your time just trying to “feel good” about a bad situation. Make the decision today to do something!

It’s all about mind power, right? Isn’t that what they all say? They’re right. Unfortunately, that’s only part of what you need to know.

90% of self-help, personal development, Law of Attraction, “Secret,” new thought, mind-over-matter-type material available online and in book stores will not help you.

These authors mean well, but they don’t have the real solutions. They just describe the problem. They teach you to think positively, but teach you nothing about how to permanently transform the situation. And without permanent transformation, sooner or later, things will just go back to the way they were before.

Such books merely tell you to put a happy face over your sorrows. You may learn a few things about visualization, but virtually nothing about the use of ritual, or of invoking the right spiritual entities.

This is what makes the difference. These are the actions that write your intentions upon the tablets of destiny forever. You must tap into the energy currents of higher powers and enlist them in your personal army in order to achieve lasting results.

Manifest your intentions with the aid of hidden influences

What are these powers that we invoke? They are just that: powers. They are energies with intelligence. Because, as you shall learn from reading the book, the whole universe is conscious and alive.

This is the secret that the mystics of old have taught, and passed down to a select few throughout the generations. It really is a shame that more people don’t understand how these processes work. There is absolutely no need to go through life sad, angry, lonely or poor.

You can break the curse of self-doubt and despair. Don’t be paralyzed with fear anymore.

Let this book be your magickal kit for success! Let Joshua Free and Morgana Emrys be your guides. ACT NOW and let the journey of discovery begin

This may be the last self-help book you ever buy, because it literally teaches you how to solve any problem.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience with magick, witchcraft, or the occult. You were born endowed with the ability to make your reality into whatever you want. You have everything you need within yourself.

You don’t have to be any more special or unique than you already are

Deep within yourself you know that you have what it takes to change your circumstances. And I know it’s true as well.

We will explain, in a simple and concise manner, with easy-to-follow instructions, how to tap into the powers you wish to access, raise the energy you need, and utilize it for personal gain.

In life there are winners and losers. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which is better. And the fact is, you do have the power to choose which one you are going to be.

Read about how to achieve:




through magick


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Sex can be used to make magick happen. And magick can be used to make sex happen! It can also make sexual desire blossom into love. You can use sexual magnetism to compel people to do your bidding unconsciously, and as an energy base for other types of magick.

Use glamour spells to make yourself irresistibly attractive:

“I used those glamour exercises you talked about. Oh boy. I swear to God, everywhere I go, guys are smiling at me, coming up to talk to me, asking me out, telling me how sexy I am. Even some of the chicks are coming on to me! College is going to be fun this year, and so hot!!!”

- Jennifer at UMKC

Use fascination spells to make the object of your desire come to you!

“I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE’S IN MY BED RIGHT NOW!!! As I write these words she’s passed out sound asleep on my bed, worn out from all of the incredibly hot sex we’ve just been having. This girl turned me down for a date 5 TIMES before I bought Sex, Money and Power and employed your simple fascination techniques. Now she’s eating right out of my hand. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing knowledge with me!”

-- Will from Arizona

Use magick so strong, your target will succumb to lust willingly regardless of personal inhibitions:

“David always swore up and down that he was straight as a pin. He sure got pricked last night! He wasn’t even drunk! All the sudden he just started touching me. Said he found me irresistible for some reason. Gee I wonder why! I’m so glad I bought your book. Who knows who I’ll seduce next.”

--Arnold in Milwaukee

Use enchantments to make that non-committal BF realize he can’t live without you:

“Rusty couldn’t even tell me he loved me before, although I knew he did. He just couldn’t make up his mind about what was important. Then I bought your book, and did an enchantment on him. Now he’s wrapped around my finger--and so is the ring!”

--Stephanie from Pittsburgh

Use Tantric sex magick to grow your relationship and increase your intimacy to immeasurable heights:

“I thought our marriage was good before, but now we are bonded more than ever. I didn’t know it was possible to experience this kind of ecstasy and passion. Pleasure can be spiritual. Every loving couple needs to know about these secrets.”

--Elizabeth from Venice Beach

Use ritual sex magick to power your intentions and manifest your desires:

“As soon as our fluids hit the parchment, I could feel the power inside the room. I knew we had really done something. And we had. We were awarded the contract the very next day. This stuff is amazing. It really works!"

--Mina from Prague

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Download the ebook in .pdf format Now!
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Read about how to achieve:



through magick


Economic survival in these hard times is easy if you know how to use the resources available to you through the power of magick. Don’t be a wage slave. Don’t let unemployment scare you. Make worry a thing of the past. There’s never been a better time to make a bold new venture to become financially independent. Sex, Money and Power teaches you how to use spellcraft to ensure the success of your endeavors, and make yourself a magnet for money.

You deserve to live in abundance! And there is no shortage of wealth in the world for you to reap. The harvest is there for the taking. You just have to learn to tap into the energy of money and let it shower you with blessings.

Use candle magick to invite money into your life:

“Holy crap! I used candle magick every day for a week to invite wealth into my life. On the seventh day, the ritual was interrupted (at midnight, mind you) by my agent, calling to let me know that THEY BOUGHT MY SCRIPT FOR $250,000!!! Exactly the amount I had been asking for in the ritual! Is there anything I can’t do? Wait, don’t answer that. I know."

-- Denise from Santa Monica

Use the Divine Name of IAO to give yourself the Midas Touch:

“My co-workers are still asking me how I managed to win that contract. And how I got the promotion over Dennis. And how I can go to Vegas for the weekend and come home $17,000 richer. I’ll bet they wanna know. But I’m not telling!”

--Trevor from Baltimore

Use amulets and talismans to bring income opportunities to you:

“Ever since I started wearing that amulet, I’m getting deals right and left. Money is flowing in from all directions and I’m not even really trying. Now I party like a celebrity in different hotel rooms every night. And I never worry about money.”

--Alana from Paris

Tap into the Universal Mind to find the perfect income solution:

“I can’t believe I never thought of this before! All it takes is one good idea to turn things around. I just couldn’t think of what to do with my life before I got your book. I was stuck in a job I hated and couldn’t see any way out. Now I can say I’ve truly found my niche. My business brings in $10K a month. I’m through working for the Man.”

--Roger from Silver Springs

Increase your personal worth with magick by getting people to pay you more for what you already do:

“It’s amazing what can change in your life when you decide to charge what you’re actually worth, and your clients SAY YES! Why have a $20 K lifestyle when you can have a $200 K lifestyle? Now I know how to set my price and make others want to pay it.”

--Ned from Denver

Draft elemental spirits to help you with your business:

“I no longer have to constantly troll for clients or ideas. My little friends give me all the help I need.”

--Trisha from Newark

Buy SEX, MONEY, AND POWER THROUGH WITCHCRAFT right now to learn how you can obtain these abilities for yourself!


Download the ebook in .pdf format Now!
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$89.95 $29.95


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Read about how to achieve:


through magick


Become the leader you were born to be. Sway others with the intensity of your charisma. Make yourself invincible. Destroy those who attempt to get in your way. Punish those who try to take what rightfully belongs to you. Never be intimidated again!

Supercharge your aura to make yourself unstoppable:

“Success comes so easy to me now. It’s like I just exude strength and virility, and no one wants to mess with me. Nothing can stand in my way.”

-- Chris from Houston

Use hypnospells control others on a whim:

“I just bought your book two hours ago and I’M ALREADY USING IT! I just got put the whammy on my boss and made him give me a raise! And this is the cheapest guy in the world! He even said OK when I told him I was taking time off next week. He never OKs time off! This is too freaky! I’m afraid of what I’ll manifest next. Please take the book back and give me a refund!”

-- Tony from Malibu

(Sorry buddy. We only offer your money back if it doesn’t work for you. Not if it does. We told you it’s “not for everyone”!)

Use orange magick to become a social maven:

“Over the past 6 months I’ve become the most popular person in my company. My boss totally loves my ass. All of the chicks in the office dote on me, and the guys come to me for advice. Now everyone else is doing all the work for me, just because they want to please me. I’m sure they have no idea why they feel this compulsion. But it’s working for me!”

-- Danny from Boston

Use voodoo to bind your enemies and compel your peers to do your bidding:

What a difference your book has made in my life! Since purchasing it, I’ve used magick to become completely dominant in my social life. Now I choose which friends I want, and what the terms of the friendship are. Whatever girl I want, I can have. I’ve now completely dominated my competitors with my consulting company, and I know my clients will be loyal for life. The world is mine now. I own it.”

--John from Los Angeles

Use the Evil Eye to stop your competition before they get started:

"I used the Eye last night at a party to keep all those bitches away from my man. And it worked!. Now that I know this stuff, I’m completely in charge of my own life. Don’t even try to step on my turf. You’ll regret it.”

--Katie from The Dalles

Use magick to rule your domain with absolute omnipotence:

“I can’t tell you what it’s like to have complete control over my own life for the first time. But beyond that, I can control the people around me as well. This power is intoxicating. I can make anyone do anything. It’s like being God!”

----Darren from NYC

Buy SEX, MONEY, AND POWER THROUGH WITCHCRAFT right now to learn how you can obtain these abilities for yourself!


Download the ebook in .pdf format Now!
For a limited time only
$89.95 $29.95


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It’s important to be in control of your reality, is it not? Wouldn't you agree it is better to be happy in life than unhappy? Think of how you'll feel when you lose the feeling of being a "victim" and have the confidence to be a real participant in the Universe.

My name is Joshua Free and I would like to show you how, by purchasing SEX, MONEY AND POWER THROUGH WITCHCRAFT, and using my simple approach, you can live the life of your dreams. You have to admit that the sooner you can access these materials for yourself, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards of the system.

Now, as you sit in front of your computer screen reading this, you might already be imagining what it is like to have this kind of power in your hands, these hidden helpers by your side because of the things you could do right now by changing your life into the reality you want.

Discover the mysteries like others before you, by embarking upon this quest.

Whether you fancy yourself a free spirit or a do it by the book kind of person, SEX, MONEY, AND POWER THROUGH WITCHCRAFT gives you the tools you need to succeed in magick.

Now, I am not going to tell you that if you buy this book it will change your life, because that is up to you. But by now you will have realized that sooner or later you will have to whether you want to be in control of your life, or if you just want to go on being a victim of circumstance.

Click the button to buy and begin your journey to power through self-discovery.

This is Joshua Free wishing you many blessings upon your path.




Imagine that before you there is a treasure chest with a lock on it.

You want to see inside the box, but you don’t know how to get in. You don’t have the key. So you try to see inside it with your mind.

At first, the only picture you see in your mind is of dense fog. But then the fog begins to lift. It gets thinner. You begin to see circular movement, thousands of circles, of different sizes, spinning at different rates, and all around you.

As the fog dissipates completely, you see that what you are looking at is a vast, incredibly complex network of gears working together. It dawns on you that what you are looking at is the inner workings of your own reality. As you take in the sight, you realize that some of the gears are out alignment and not spinning properly. You can see that this is negatively affecting the performance of the whole machine.

You know now that if you only had the key to get into the box, and the tools necessary to fix the problems inside, you could completely transform your life. You decide now that you are going to do whatever it takes to unlock the box and realign the gears inside. You will not let another opportunity pass you by.

Now as you open your eyes, you realize that the key is right in front of you, and the tools have been with you all along.

Your inner voice is saying this to you:

"Do it right now! Don’t put it off!"

Now, how much would you expect to pay to learn the secrets to Sex, Money and Power? Other programs that purport to teach such knowledge can go for anywhere from $200 to $4000! But, as stated previously, SEX, MONEY, AND POWER THROUGH WITCHCRAFT shows you the real hidden knowledge of ritual and magick missing from other personal development courses. In truth, these secrets have been kept hidden by the unknown superiors of this planet for millennia because it was deemed to dangerous for public consumption. The people who hold the power in this world don't like competition. So they prefer to keep the masses ignorant of these profound mysteries.

But I've always been against the establishment. I take joy in setting other souls free from the bonds of a mundane, meaningless slave-like existence.

That's why I am making SEX, MONEY, AND POWER THROUGH WITCHCRAFT available as an affordable e-book for immediate download for only $29.95 to the first 777 initiates.

And if you're not completely satisfied, I'll offer you a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30 days.

The price will definitely be going up in the future, so you need to take advantage of this opportunity TODAY.

Buy SEX, MONEY, AND POWER THROUGH WITCHCRAFT right now to learn how you can obtain these abilities for yourself!


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A Wizard's Complete Practical Guide to the Metaphysical Universe

by Joshua Free

The world's most comprehensive course in magick and metaphysics for both novice and adept alike, presented in uniquely non-linear structure that adapts naturally to the reader's needs. Written by a genuine Druidic wizard with over 13 years of experience in practical magic, ARCANUM literally allows you to "learn magick through magick." Follow your own path of discovery to uncover the magickal mysteries of the ages. As your attention flows naturally from one entry to the next, a magickal process unfolds that guides you to the next lesson, the next revelation. With ease you can quickly be on your way to becoming an occult expert, a master mage and a know-it-all wizard in the spirit of Merlyn the Magician.

  • Easy to read, easy to learn, easy to use
  • Nearly 1,000 Facets of Knowledge!
  • Over 250 Figures and Diagrams!
  • Over 1200 pages of information!
  • Hundreds of tricks, spells, incantations, invocations, formulas, meditations, and magical recipes

ARCANUM is not sold in stores, and the e-book version is available exclusively here. Hard-bound copies of ARCANUM are extremely rare and, when available, sell for upwards of $80. The amount of information contained within this volume might otherwise take you decades to acquire and hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Learn About:

  • ritual magick
  • natural magick
  • spellcraft
  • meditation
  • visualization
  • healing
  • ceremonial tools
  • energy work
  • auras
  • chakras
  • divination
  • prophecy
  • skrying
  • astral work
  • astrophysics
  • astrological symbolism
  • planetary influences
  • quantum physics
  • string theory

... and so much more!

This book is a direct companion to SEX, MONEY, AND POWER THROUGH WITCHCRAFT and is referred to repeatedly throughout that text.

VALUE: $40.00


But that's not all. If you ORDER NOW, we'll also throw in a copy of:

The Kybalion

by The Three Initiates

Here are the teachings of the legendary sage Hermes Trismegistus, reinterpreted for the modern reader. Rumored to be an ancient Egyptian man-god who fathered astrology, alchemy, and other magical arts, the figure of Hermes has fascinated readers of occult literature for generations. Writers in late antiquity named Hermes Trismegistus as the author of their own esoteric teachings, building the mystery of his lineage. Since 1908, The Kybalion—written at the hand of the unnamed “Three Initiates”—has itself generated debate and controversy. Who is behind it? Do its ideas really arise from the secrets of a distant era? And, most important, do they work for the modern seeker? In this concise, engaging guide, the pseudonymous author breaks down Hermetic doctrine into seven compelling principles, and then provides practical methods for how to apply them for self-development in daily life.

This book is a direct companion to SEX, MONEY, AND POWER THROUGH WITCHCRAFT, and is the subject of one of that book's final chapters.

VALUE: $10.00


By now, you may be wondering if you understand me correctly.

YES, it's true: you get SEX, MONEY, AND POWER THROUGH WITCHCRAFT, AND the 1200+ page encyclopedic non-linear occult learning known as ARCANUM, also by Joshua Free, PLUS the cult classic, The Kybalion, by The Three Initiates - an $89.95 value, and a priceless treasure-chest of arcane wisdom--all for just $29.95--that's 2/3 off, PLUS the 30-day money-back guarantee, if you ORDER TODAY and become one of the first 777 customers to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

By now, you are probably pretty overwhelmed with all of the possibilities you now see before you. But just make a decision right now to purchase these materials and, if you follow the processes laid out therein, success is inevitable. Someday, you'll look back on this as the pivotal moment when your life changed for the better.


Download the ebook in .pdf format Now!
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