"I've gotten ARCANUM and I must say it's quite interesting. Magically-minded people who are seeking more than just the 'everyday New Age' are sure to find something useful in its pages. It is presented in an A-Z format making it convenient to start on the subjects that attract you the most, then work your way outward through the rest of the material. Lots of useful information and diagrams. If you're into in the same sorta stuff I am, you should check it out."

-Robert from California


A Complete, Self-Contained Self-Initiation Kit For Beginners and Adepts Alike

  • No clubs to join
  • No membership fees
  • Initiation is open to all

Discover what exists outside
the boundaries of consensus reality with:


by Joshua Free

The new book ARCANUM by Joshua Free is the world's most comprehensive course in magick and metaphysics for both novice and adept alike, presented in uniquely non-linear structure that adapts naturally to the reader's needs. Written by a genuine Druidic wizard with over 13 years of experience in practical magic, ARCANUM literally allows you to "learn magick through magick." Follow your own path of discovery to uncover the magickal mysteries of the ages. As your attention flows naturally from one entry to the next, a magickal process unfolds that guides you to the next lesson, the next revelation. With ease you can quickly be on your way to becoming an occult expert, a master mage and a know-it-all wizard in the spirit of Merlyn the Magician.

ARCANUM is not sold in stores, and the e-book version is available exclusively here. Hard-bound copies of ARCANUM are extremely rare and, when available, sell for upwards of $80. The amount of information contained within this volume might otherwise take you decades to acquire and hundreds or thousands of dollars. But we are making it all available here for just $19.95!

  • Easy to read, easy to learn, easy to use
  • Nearly 1,000 Facets of Knowledge!
  • Over 250 Figures and Diagrams!
  • Over 1200 pages of information!
  • Hundreds of tricks, spells, incantations,
    invocations, formulas, meditations,
    and magical recipes

Now is your chance to eat freely from the Tree of Knowledge and taste that which has been forbidden to you. With these keys you will unlock the secret wisdom that has been passed down for generations by adepts of the arcane mystery schools--powerful knowledge that churches and governments have tried to suppress for thousands of years, deeming it too dangerous for public consumption.

  • Unlock your psychic powers

  • Explore the astral realms

  • Learn to be lucky

  • Achieve any goal

  • Gain wealth, power, influence,
    popularity, charm and charisma

  • Enhance your sexual attraction
    and intensify your sexual pleasure

  • Sharpen your senses
    and mental acuity

  • Attain inner peace
    and physical well-being

Nothing is impossible!


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ARCANUM draws from many diverse avenues of knowledge and allows anyone interested in metaphysics to explore it on their own terms, beginning first with the tenets that they are drawn to by personal inclination and then eventually discovering all of the interconnected lore by way of bold-faced links in the text.

The book provides a complete structure and standard by which future developments in this field will have to be rethought to include the metaphysical, psychological, quantum and spiritual significance of subjects like:

  • ritual magick
  • love magick
  • money magick
  • sex magick
  • natural magick
  • spellcraft
  • meditation
  • visualization
  • healing
  • ceremonial tools
  • energy work
  • auras
  • chakras
  • divination
  • prophecy
  • skrying
  • astral work
  • astrophysics
  • astrological symbolism
  • planetary influences
  • quantum physics
  • string theory

... and so much more!


Download the ebook in .pdf format Now!
For a limited time only
$19.95 $9.95!


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The A-to-Z arrangement of this work was planned with the intention of maintaining the highest degree of coherency and consistency throughout.

This innovative presentation permits YOU to have immediate access to supplemental information on any given facet of related knowledge.

This is indicated in the text by the appearance of words in bold-faced type that prompt YOU to explore other specific parts of the book for additional clarification.

All of the diagrams and figures are found bundled together at the end of the book as an appendix. This is helpful since they are referred to in multiple entries.

Our present curriculum has no pre-determined starting point, allowing it to be integrated into any personal background or developmental stage.

With sufficient time, study and practice, the seeker can work through the entire body of knowledge, beginning first with the facets of individual fancy and inclination, and then continuing on with the remainder of the material, which he will find to be coherently interconnected.

By presenting this primer of a new standard model of the mysteries, any individual, couple or study group can easily use this system in spite of prior personal religious, spiritual, philosophical, scientific and academic influences.

Throughout history a uniquely separate class of individual has existed on the edges of known reality, bearing a Great Magickal Secret.

Some have come to call these folk wizards or mystics, the possessors of occult knowledge of life and the universe.

Told within these pages is the true story of the development of civilization, human existence, the traditions and real magick adopted by individual hermits, orders and societies at each stage.

Here YOU will follow a practical and experimental journey from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt through the traditions of magickal races and bloodlines of the Europeans.

Provided within are all the tools YOU, the seeker, require to discover the Great Magickal Arcanum for YOURSELF.

This self-contained, self-guiding controversially enlightening anthology provides a harmonic balance between philosophy and science, physics and metaphysics, the theoretical and the practical, including main tenets, key points and relevant experiments, exercises, rites and rituals.

Thousands of man-hours have been spent over the course of thirteen years to make these materials available and practical for a time and in a form when they might be best received.

Every generation has there exists a select few who use advanced, little-known techniques to access a higher perception of reality, and are able to transform their reality, both for personal success and for spiritual advancement.


Download ARCANUM now and let the magickal journey begin!


Download the ebook in .pdf format Now!
For a limited time only
$19.95 $9.95!


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You might already be a wizard or an interested seeker. It’s important to be in control of your reality, is it not? Wouldn't you agree it is better to be happy in life than unhappy? Think of how you'll feel when you lose the feeling of being a "victim" and have the confidence to be a real participant in the Universe.

My name is Joshua Free and I would like to show you how, by using the ARCANUM materials and my simple approach of “Learning Magick Through Magick," you can live the life of your dreams. You have to admit that the sooner you can access these materials for yourself, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards of the system.

Now, as you sit in front of your computer screen reading this, you might already be imagining what it is like to have this kind of power in your hands and by your side, because of the things you could do right now by changing your life into the reality you want.

This is why we are offering ARCANUM as an affordable E-Book, available exclusively from this website and Quintessential Publications.

Imagine what it would be like to have your very own Merlyn by your side.

Learn from the safety and security of your own home at your own pace with no further purchase necessary.

Discover the mysteries like others before you, by embarking upon this quest.

Whether you fancy yourself a free spirit or a do it by the book kind of person, ARCANUM has much to offer you.

Now, I am not going to tell you ARCANUM will change your life because that is a decision for you to make. But by now you will have realized that there is more to Life, Reality and Existence, and sooner or later you will stand before the the open pages of your own ARCANUM.

So there’s no sense in delaying what you know you must do. Click the button to buy ARCANUM right now, and begin your journey to power through self-discovery.

This is Joshua Free wishing you many blessings upon your path.


Download the ebook in .pdf format Now!
For a limited time only
$19.95 $9.95!


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